Is "EasyAntiCheat" Legit


I haven’t play WarThunder in a while. When I tried to start the game it ask me to load “EasyAntiCheat”. Is that legit? EasyAnticheat part ow WarThunder now? And what is it? Thank You.

Yep, it’s legit… Has been for a year or 2 now. (so many years now [News] Easy Anti-Cheat in War Thunder! - News - War Thunder )

If you joined an RB match this will be wanted, and thus likely to be now ‘set’ to enabled for you.

Found the Answer. EasyAntiCheat or (EAC) is a mode you can turn and off to play Warthunder. On mine Warthunder launcher there is a bottom I can check and uncheck above my play bottom.

Indeed. If you disable it, you won’t have access to the markerless modes such as RB tanks and such.

Ya I just found that out. It won’t let me play “realistic battles” if I don’t disable it. So it is not a virus???

It is an anticheat. It’s goal is to prevent people from hacking.

How well it works is debatable however.


Its EasyAnti-not-to-Cheat nowtimes

If you wrote this into google you would get same answer as here but instantly.