Is crewlock really neccessary?

I just lost another jet to a flight accident (G overload broke a wing off) and now i have to wait almost 8 minutes for the crewslot to clear for a new game.

I really like WT, but some of its game mechanics are hard to grasp. Why can’t I just join another match right away? Why do I have to wait that long? WT is really the only game I know, which is that strange. Why is it neccessary to keep players from playing the game?

So please. Look into this and maybe you come to the conclusion that at least some game modes like Air RB need to get rid of crewlock.


Can you think of a way lack of crewlock could be abused? I can.

It is the lesser of two evils! And we have 5 slots so a quick game in something else while you forget sbout the accident (or cretin) will eat up that crew lock.


Please tell us how crewlock could be abused?

It is not rocket science. It is the journey that matters so I’ll give you some time and space.

Yea, maybe Gajin always forces you to take some time thinking about what you’ve just done wrong.

But 8 mins are to long^^ How about 30 seconds? Or 10? Or nothing at all??

I can think of 2 reason why crew lock is necessary

When you crashed your plane purposefully so enemy can’t make a kill on you
When you get rammed by teammate

other than that crew lock is a feature that punish player for not being aware of their plane performance by either not understanding the rip speed, maximum G-loading, or the one who oversped and lock their control surface up.

I don’t really know Gaijin’s thought process but Squads could more easily kill themselves off until they find the right map/BR/nation mix for their particular aircraft.

This might not involve anything but J out or kiss the earth, so not even Squads now I consider it.

So say you are set for a battle only to find x number of team bail because they know they can flip to another battle with that vehicle with no consequence, other than ruining your battle as your team suddenly is short.

It already happens but I can guess it would be rampant if there was no consequence other than repair cost. If this style of TK (essentually false in your situation) had no cost to it (the fine) then free reign to abuse others or get the perfect battle for themselves (unless a load bail in that map, and so on).

If we had a referee per match it would clear up these false/accidental costs (your rep cost/time/TK fine) but intention is too hard to observe from the game’s perspective.

It is damn annoying, the cost of time and TK/rep. Had something similar where I got the TK cost even though I had not fired and they rammed me.

As long as the gameplay is that bad as it is there shouldn’t be a consequence with players not want to play…
If gameplay was good/balanced /good maps etc. then yes i wouldn’t mind it.
If anything , if someone intentionally crashes or breaks the game there is already the repair fee and that is enough.
We’re talking about a game that rewards more getting killed than actually fighting and get out alive. Even if you pass the whole match actually fighting…i’m not saying being passive.
No , it’s just there to annoy you. It has no other use. If someone does it intentionally , they know what they are doing and they possibly do not care about crew lock anyway.
The one that’s being annoyed is the one that ripped wings or messed maneuvering or just doesn’t want to play GJs trash map .Because yes, there are some maps that are so much trash they deserve alt+f4 .
Especially after the 3d time playing them in 10 mins or after the 10th time in a row being overtiered where enough is enough.

Its not only breaking wings. It also often happens that you get purposedly touched by allies while taking off or short after. There are alot which somehow do it in a way that they don’t seem to be harmed but they slash off a tail wing or hit your propeller blades.

Or you try to fly extraordinarily low to avoid radar missiles and your whole plane explodes, cause if touched a tree (idiotic mechanic, as if a mach jet hits a concrete wall). Or you make some mistakes / lag while taking off / landing.

Why should all this mean I have to wait 8 mins to join the next match?

Crewlock is imho annoying and should go, at least for air modes.

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I don’t see any use of it. Especially since if someone Js out, or crashes intentionally or whatever knows what he is doing and doesn’t care. He can possibly take off in another crew or nation and keep going…
I don’t see the reasoning behind people believing that it is some kind of “protection” against those people…
Meanwhile, just as you said something else might have happened and you take 8 mins from the get go, quite a turn off …

Crew-Lock is a pointless feature and needs to be removed. There’s no reasonable argument that can ever made in logical defense of it. Get crew-locked? Change nation or simply log out. It’s purely a detrimental feature and never should’ve been implemented, frankly.

You join the game. You dont like the map. You leave. Repeat until you find your favourite map.
Matchmaker server would explode.

If you get cew locked so often that it bothers you, you are probably doing soemthing wrong. Last time I got crewlocked was like month ago.