Is chinese tech tree good enough to grind?

I’m switching from germany to china, but is it actually good? I heard its really shitty at top tier my friends told me that

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Yes. China is the best nation in the game with the highest potential and an overall easy grind.
Here’s just some of the vehicles we can expect for China:


This list is just some of my personal favorites and there’s a couple dozen still missing.
Me personally - I can’t wait for the ZTQ-15 to get added. I’m betting it’ll come this year.

Vehicles that I personally enjoyed quite a bit include the ZTZ-88, PTL-02, ZTL-11, QN506 (my favorite tank in the game so far and a must-get event vehicle in my eyes), ZTZ-96, MBT-2000 (incredible 10.7 vehicle), PGZ-04A (really good anti-air once you get used to it), PGZ-09 (superior Gepard at the same BR, can kill tanks and planes very easily), WZ305 (most fun 8.0 vehicle in the game), PTZ-89 (10.7-worthy 120mm APFSDS with a 5 second reload on a stabilized and quick chassis at 8.7, what else is there to say) and the new ZBD04A.


They are pretty good. When you Play the MBT 2000 you have mostly a downtier and Lolpen anything

By the way are the rank II, and III good? I’m still grinding

They have the best reserve tank in the game (M8 LAC which is an event vehicle in the US tree).
They have some of the strongest rank II-III lineups as they have both Shermans and T-34s. And also the very good ISU-152.

Including the M36 Jackson and M18 - and, personally, I think the M36 Jackson is probably the best tech tree 5.7 in the game. The T-34-85G at 5.7 also gets an amazing commander 12.7mm which mows down planes like nothing else. I would personally get to 5.7, and then directly grind to 8.0 from 5.7. That’s what I did and it should let you jump directly from 5.7 into the 8.0 Type 59, Type 69 and WZ305 - of which all three feature amazing performance for their BR.

Oh defintly I tried playing that light tank and got a lot of kills! very good pen shell

is the Object 211 good?

Indeed, the M8 is very good.
I even have a 32 K/D in it.

Easily my highest K/D in a ground vehicle. It is extremely overpowered.

How about Object 211?

I think it’s a pretty good 5.0 as it gets the incredible 85mm gun with some of the best APHE for the BR, while having a 21hp/t which is some of the fastest at that BR.

The only downside to the 211 is that your 5.7 lineup has some very good vehicles and you’d need to uptier it to 5.7 to fill out your lineup. And it certainly wouldn’t perform quite so well at 5.7. Of course - this wouldn’t matter if you ODL (One Death Leave)

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so from 4.0 on I have stalibizer right?

Most of the vehicles still won’t have a stabilizer.
China does get the Type 59 and 69 which do have stabilizers while other 8.0 T-54 variants don’t get them, and everything after is also stabilized, of course.

There’s a couple vehicles with a stabilizer at the early ranks, such as the Sherman - just like any other tree, really.

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It’s a good nation, however there’s not much left to be added in terms of top tier MBTS, loads of IFVs and SPAA though.

The VT-4, Al-Khalid and ZTZ-99A2 are pretty solid additions. Especially considering all of the Chinese MBTs are extremely underperforming compared to reality at the moment - and things are being reported and acknowledged slowly.

The ZTQ-15 and VT-5 may also not be MBTs, but I would personally even prefer playing them over a contemporary MBT due to their fast reload.

China will also most likely get the M1A2T (an M1A2 SEP V3 variant without DU, given to Taiwan)

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Are you sure? answer this question

Does china have dozer blade.?
Yes or no.

Yes, Chinese tanks such as the MBT-2000 do come equipped with a dozer blade.

Goody! you’re a true chinese!

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