Is China's regulations going to affect War Thunder in any Significant way?

I am aware of how the People’s Republic of China has recently passed Regulations targeting video games and video game development companies. To be Clear, I am not aware of if Gaijin as a company has any relationships with Tencent, Netease, or any other Chinese Gaming company. I am also not aware of the current relationship stance Gaijin has with the PRC market.

What I am aware of is that the PRC is home to a huge player base globally and many bigger game corporations such as Activation and also Electronic Arts have made changes to their games in the past to meet previous PRC regulations. I am merely curious because with how War Thunder as a game is now I can see a few elements specific to Monetization and Rewards possibly being targeted by these regulations and likely Gaijin would have to change them if they wanted to continue access to the PRC market.

Daily Login Rewards:
Daily Login Rewards were mentioned in the new regulations as a prohibited means of incentivizing players to be logging in each day with cumulative rewards. There are a lot of things that would be affected indirectly if Daily Login rewards were to go away, battlepass progression would slow as daily logins give Battlepass progress points among other rewards. Additionally there would be fewer boosters and wagers going around for the player base thereby slowing down progression through the tech tree marginally and slowing down the research of vehicles and modules (the latter being affected more severely of the two).

Loot Boxes:
This one is a bit more of a grey area but I feel like that this would likely have to have some changes to meet the regulations as the laws from the documents I have seen covering the regulations specified that all featured rewards would need to have a direct buy option. The wording seems to imply that any rewards a loot box would have that would be desirable, likely pointing at rare and ultra-rare vehicles, skins or decorations would all need to have some means of purchasing them directly without needing to roll through randomized algorithmic means like the loot boxes (I cannot find any wording on if it is specifically loot boxes where it has to be purchased with premium currency like GE, real money directly, or if it would even include loot boxes purchasable with non-premium currency like the “snowman” from the current winter event).

Battle Pass:
Because of the fact that Battlepass, Seasonpass, or other similar systems are all built around incentivizing frequently returning and completing objectives daily. Something that I stated before was specifically targeted to be prohibited. I imagine that the Battlepass and also the Event Vehicle system like what the Sturmtiger, TOG II, and other similar vehicles would no longer be possible under the new regulations or there would have to be major adjustments to how leveling is accumulated to where it wouldn’t require too much login time to complete.

Of course this is speculation but I would imagine if Gaijin were to want to change the game to be compliant with these regulations there would have to be significant changes to the monetization and economy in War Thunder (and likely other games too). And I am more curious if there is any word on what such changes may look like up and coming.

Just give China their own version of WT. The rest of the world would be thankful.


I don’t think China even has a War Thunder server.

I doubt there will be a substantial influence since War Thunder is an international game made by a foreign gaming company, but I could be wrong, so please do not quote me on this.

Not atm, but they did in past.

With some research you find out that Gaijin Kft has a Chinese investor since a few years. With additional research you will find out, that there are no such things like private investments of Chinese companies in foreign countries. Every investment or foreign activity follows certain goals - and everything is controlled by the CCP.

So imho you might consider to change your general view on things…


This will have zero effect. The law does not apply to game not operating in China.
Steam, for example, is not following Chinese regulation such as limited access for player under 18 while still being accessible in China.
All the games not operating in China are really not affected strictly by Chinese laws.

Imagine the world if War Thunder would be like CS where China have even their own special launcher!

Would be amazing.

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Reopen china server. that’s all

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Well I don’t think that China will change WT mechanics . But I do believe that since China made the first move about gaming mechanics , other parts of the world might follow . Like the EU or US or any other country , so in the end WT might have to follow new regulations etc .