Is "breaking even" enough?

“Gaijin entertainment” is going to balance repair costs, so average player will make up for repair cost of vehicles they are using. But earning 0 SL (for average player) is not enough, for modifications and new vehicles cost SL too. Would you be satisfied by getting 0 SL per match or do you think we need to make average player break positive, and for what amount?

I think vehicles really should be balanced positively, for not only will this allow skillful to progress unhampered by vehicle prices, but also unlock higher tiers to those, who end up with negative kd… of course, at a cost of few extra matches to haul some more SL for their new vehicle. (and learn to play somewhat better)

Or the badder players can up their skills for earn SL … And the premium account will be up with an “insurance” when you lost SL. With that up, you can ONLY earn SL.

i find this argument to be slightly flawed, for its impossible for every player to have 2 kills per death - this means that as long as there is one player who has kd above 1, there will be player with kd below 1.

sure, but its a free to play game, and relying economy on premium accounts causes the game to not be really free to play anymore, right?

I was quite often in the Minus with my SL yesterday playing USA 6.7. With Premium Account. Either that part of the Economy Update was a blatant lie, got shadow-nerfed or is not yet implemented.

The RP is still abyssmal, 2-3k RP when doing somewhat okay with TT vehicles and Premium Account, 4-8k with Premium Vehicles+Account. Really frustrating when you try to grind a Rank V vehicle but the nation only has 1 Premium vehicle to offer for that branch… Japan for example. Sure, the Chi-Nu II is fun, but for a good grind you have to clutch it and not use anything else.

Honestly it’s extremely easy to earn SL since the update.

The issue as of current is that the game is just fundamentally broken in many respects, like bugged hit registration, aircraft making ground battles almost unplayable if enough people use them, and the fact that the maps are, diplomatically speaking, absolute dogshit.


yes, but all of this would hit less hard, should economy be a little softer, making it easier to wait for them, no?

snail claims its not yet implemented, it is in the roadmap

Okay, fair enough.

Then get somekind of premium. Can’t enjoy so much content for free + easy.

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oh, i myself am doing fine, just tought that some players may be left out in this economic model and wanted to hear what community thinks

I think the game is probably very difficult at Rank V, I’m not there yet, I’m just playing Rank IV for some SL. I’m doing okay without premium atm. It’s such a frustrating game when I have no mods on my vehicles, I’d rather grind it for free, then when I’m feeling satisfied, get 1 week or 1 month or premium time.

It’s not too bad - you can get Silver Lions from battle chest rewards. If you capture a point you get 3k or 5k SL, but most players just want to attack the same point that everyone else goes for. They have no concept of how to play. The majority of players want direct confrontation, which obviously results in losses, because they’re not smart enough to capture the less commonly travelled points (the easier, less risky option).

That’s thoughtful of you.
Here is what I think:
Quite a portion of the game is playable with minimal grinding or the bare minimum at trying to not suck.
I say that in content wise but not necessarily percentage wise. Prob around tier 3 the average player really will need some kind of premium content which can even be in the form of a cheap premium vehicle on discount. Top tier needs premium vehicles to access within any reasonable amount of grinding time no matter how good you are unless if you got oceans of time to game.

Both cases make sense because the cost of continued development for a relative small team is millions of dollars a year if you want developers that know what they are doing. A senior dev easily makes over a 100k a year and you need multiple of those for different departments each filled with other developers from all levels of experience. Next to that it’s maintaining servers for a relative large player base and cost of maintaining several offices. It’s not just BvvD lining his pockets or being greedy. They are keeping the development going for this game, at quite an intense pace I must say, and players must bear the burden. The only benefit free players bring to game for the development of it is a quicker matchmaker. No ad revenue or anything. Even if someone pays 20 bucks or buys 1 top tier premium that probably doesn’t cover their share of a decade (and hopefully more!) of continued development.
I’m not saying everyone should pay, whatever this is right now works for me and I’m happy to buy a top tier premium or two every major update. Just saying that the average players most certainly should end up paying their fair share because if the average player doesn’t then the game probably won’t last fairly long.

Since this is pertaining to SL cost, I would like to see the addition of an SL talisman you can add to vehicles for a fee. Not sure why you can do that with RP but not SL?

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I think the existing Talisman should be updated to also buff SL and maybe slightly reduce Repair Cost.

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Well, the thing is not only economy… economy is ok and with the changes it will be better.
I believe there wouldn’t be so much fuss about the economy in the first place… if gameplay was good.
Especially after a point (late t5?) balance doesn’t exist…
Maps… Seriously i’d prefer more maps banned in premium account over no SL loss any day of the week.
Again a balance issue more or less, but a game design philosophy as well… Strike planes BR/objectives/ usefulness in ARB maps…
Servers, every time i see over 100K people online, invisible planes…missiles… mountains… whatever…
There are so many annoyances that economy just adds up , while not being trash. All of it comes down to economy. Every annoyance/fault/bug etc. results in …losing , losing results in bad economy. And there is not always skill issue etc.

If i would propose something, that would be some “road maps” for other issues the game has. Organized and clean. We don’t expect them tomorrow, similarly with the economy changes… but yes while i can see their work with economy working, the whole complaining won’t stop and rightfully since every other aspect of the game still hits the economy and the the bad vibes players get from the game make them dissatisfied or indifferent even with good changes…

Basically make it premium?
Yeah that’d be great, I’d pay more for it if that were needed.

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i mean, if it wasnt for this, everyone would be better and it would mean that economy would reamain the same… it would just feel more like losing is your falut.

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regarding better gameplay, i also agree with you on that… the game just feels blank and repetitive.

To me, air RB EC (with some rework) seems like one solution worth trying, but i’d gladly hear if you got any suggestions of yours… though, peharps we should create a new topic to discuss this

Well,I do actually.
In fact, I would like different approaches based on the vehicles we have in the game.

EC as you said is workable for big sessions.

I’d like to see a dogfight only mode, only fighters, limit in air to air ordinance only…no markers (only friendlies) like WW dogfights and with superiority zones to be captured…maps for this mode to be getting larger depending on the tier or BR you play the maps.
Someone had done a suggestion like this…

The other is a ticket race for strike aircraft…team who kills faster gts/ bases etc. wins.
A mixture of ordinance allowed , each team has respawns …and here is the catch .
It would be useless for air to air ordinance to be allowed, BUT you can use it to kill enemies and slow enemy team down (since there are respawns). Air kills however won’t reward RP/sl…
But as I said can be used to annoy the enemy team and slow them down.
The reason about air kills not be rewarding is that the mode is based on ticket bleeding/objectives …if someone for example plays superiority fighter only he can mess the game badly, but no rewards will demoralize people from doing this , plus the fact that if you get killed you pay anyway.

Other mode I’d like to see is attackers/ defenders etc.
By this I mean there is a strike pack…with cover, say 12 strikers, 4 covers.
Opponent has 8 interceptors.
Condition win is either kill the objective (base) , or interceptors win .
Rewards should be standardized…not based on personal performance but in team.

And an actual WW mode for squadrons/clans .
I may not be in one…but I’m sure those guys would love to pit against each other.
Territorial war. Each territory you conquer gives you bonuses for your game.From free GE per week(example) , Sl, RP …modifiers for your gains…even access to vehicles from the TT (like lend ones).

I don’t know if the things I’m saying would be balanced or if they’ll work…what I know is it gets repeative to play the same thing in different colours, like the current ARB. And boring after some time.

considering how toxic this community can get, one would use fighters just to make attackers pay repair cost…

and i dont think attackers really need a game mode like this - see, in EC battles they are paired with fighters that can and will attack them, yet they are useful for their team and since fighters sometimes may not have anything to do, i think rewarding them with escort assist for being near the attackers when it earns rewards for bombing / attacking ground troops would initiate them to indeed make sure those guys get some cover.

Regarding EC being for long sessions… if we have “rooms” like in sim battles, you can leave (and re-join) at any point.

also, since we went off of this topic, i created new one How to make gameplay better?