Is BF 109 The Big Boy prop?

Oh okay. Yeah I was talking Abt RB



The while i am not sure if it was fixed but last i chacked the spitfire was extremely difficul to fly.
It was very nervous and got into spins easily and almost without warning.

Fly it even slightly outside the envelope and it got out of control.

It’s an unforgiving aircraft.

While the 109s are fairly easy to use. You don’t have to worry about pulling the stick slightly to hard, it gives you a warning if you overdo it. It’s a much more noob friendly plane.

the best bf109 is the g6. 5.7 performance at 4.7 because germany is a popular nation and popular nations are usually frequented by the majority of people, which leads to worse stats. But the best props are undoubtedly the spitfires from 5.7 and ahead (lf mk9, mk14, mk18 and mk22/24), that if you don’t suffer from frag deficiency and your cannons actually work. Two hispanos will one shot a bomber. I have frag deficiency and mostly get “critical hits” on wing roots that should get at least severe damage. Only ShVAK gets me as good results. My mg151 and an-m3 performance is pitiful.

Imho nobody outside the SB community can understand your post - as imho just a few pilots use joystick and simplified flight controls in Air RB (ofc with instructor off). I flew years ago the free (war bonds) Italian Spit. A nightmare.

Even today i refuse to fly anything that does not fit perfect to my play style and generic joystick settings - even when very good performing aircraft like Ki-44s fit to my play style, they are extremely nervous with my settings and without instructor hard to control in critical situations.


If you talk about how something is tonfly only SB applies, otherwise the instructor is flying the plane.

Or if they talk about the FM. Most about the FM is stuff like stability. No RB player willl even experience that. So why do they judge the FM if they only deal with 10% of it.

You can often notice such things at low speed. Ki44s get very squirrely even in RB, especially if you dare touch the rudder at all. By comparison most 109s won’t really react negatively to the same inputs.

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As insaid you notice about 10%. But the idea of judging an FM through the instructor ist kinda silly.

mfs when they get a 50G radar missile up their exhaust pipe in their sopwithcamel:


laughs in AB FM for the 109s (its insane)

There is only one flight model. Bit in AB everything gets a multiplier on the FM (without changing the FM, the multipliers are applied afterwards) as a booster and stability gets completely removed by the instructor (the instructor not the FM).

So no there is no such thing as an AB FM. That’s why only one FM is ever datamined. Because only one exists.

Oh, interesting.

109s in AB are still amazing, one of the best planes beyond maybe the Ki-61.

Sure, especially with their strong rudders allowing for amazing for rudder turns.

And good armament too, especially with gunpods. Sadly they are meh when stock, but when spaded…

Even stock due tonthe strong rudder they are veeeeeeery strong.