Is BF 109 The Big Boy prop?

I am very new to Air so I haven’t flown many planes yet, but I do watch a lot of content with Air and the more I am learning about Air the more it seems to me, like the BF 109 is the big boy prop.
Sure, there are Zeroes, Spitfires, Yaks and whatnot, but whenever somebody gets very knowlegeable in Air, the BF 109 seems to become the plane of choice.

am I wrong in this assumption?

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There are a dozen plus 109s. Some are better than others at whatever BR they are pegged at. If you play Germany (or Italy or Finland) you play a lot of 109s. No its not “the plane”, whatever that means.


Totally a matter of prefered playstyle in my opinion. I personally much prefer shreading BF-109s and FW-190s in my Spitfire any day of the week

*Or japan
*Or hungary
*Or the US
*Or isreal




109s are very good and very meta/strong in the game but so are Yaks, P-51s (if flown well), Corsairs, Spitfires, etc.

Spitfire shits on it most days.


109s are only really better at going fast, but Spitfire can outclimb it and outturn it which is how you win 90% of engagements.

109 can easily energy trap a spitfire in many scenarios.


It’s not easy to energy trap something that can start with more energy than you do and requires a significant skill advantage.

109s have comparable climb rates to spitfires at most BRs and are faster at almost all BRs.


The Bf-109 series arent the best props that’d be the yak-9/3 and P-51s, the P-51 are all generally severely undertiered because the average US player sucks and doesn’t know how to use it properly while the yaks are just underplayed so get to sit at low BRs the minor nation aircraft are mostly flown by people who actually know how to play the game so over time their BRs climb to unreasonable levels like the A6M5 being 5.3 or anything italian beyond the C.202 being overtiered

in this meta the 109s are absolutely top 3 in “best” props, its subjective what you think is best but they are one of the best

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Every single game there is a Spitfire above me, maybe at lowest BRs.

Yak-3s are absolutely bonkers, literal space ships.


what are you flying and what are they flying

The P-51D30 and P-51H are the single best aircraft at their br brackets you genuinely cannot die in a P-51H unless you get uptiered to jets or tailsit ju-288 which is what most players do leading to the H somehow being a lower BR than the spit mk.24

Sure, those are 2 planes out of dozens though, not the big picture

What big picture you dont make any sense the P-51D-30 covers 4.0-6.0 and the H 5.3-7.3 the other horrendously broken P-51 the C covers 2.7-4.7, at pretty much every BR bracket theres a P-51 and they’re all undertiered the only variants that arent that great are the A-36 and D-20 but even those are comparable to their counterparts