Is anyone else experiencing issues with missile tracking in Helicopter PVE?

I was running some heli PVE today and noticed the tracking of the hellfire II’s from my AH-64A Peten gradually got worse as time went on. At about an hour in with ~120 ground kills I found that even hovering stationary at 5km I couldn’t get any of my missiles to hit a stationary target I was lased onto. This continued to be an intermittent problem for about 10 minutes across 3 different AI spawns and I just gave up as 13 out of 16 missiles would just fly forward harmlessly until they hit the dirt without tracking at all.

I know there are other issues with ATGM’s right now but I couldn’t confirm if it was just me since the other players wouldn’t say anything at the time. Anyone else find new issues in heli PVE since the patch?


Sounds like a server issue, most likely a classic desync - wich is plaguing all pvp modes too, but not to the same degree.

Sadly but common, you’ll encounter - at a regular basis - AI’s driving “under the ground” and additionally “activly guided” AGM’s to not hitting targets at all.

Only work around for me was, to just (Auto) lock them and letting the Hellfires “do their thing” while i was flying in 3rd person view after locking and firing.

This worked 75% of the time, while lasing them activly in the Gunner Sight was a miss every time.

This was definitely distinct from that issue but I do also see that regularly and wish it would be fixed as well.

Happens to me as well in both my LYNX and AH Mk.1 Apache. Respawning, rejoining and resupplying don’t do anything. Only thing that helps is to launch all my hellfires and pray one hits.

So we have

Spaa desync
Convoy desync
Spaa with 3km death zone fighting helis without guided missiles
Planes respawning randomly
Attacks spawning right into you resulting in instant death
Invincible Convoys
8km sams guarding bases from helis with 4km sams
Machine gun fire sams

And if all that isnt enough you might end up with 2 Bot teammates that do nothing

Did i mention that rp rewards are hardcapped at around 25k/1hour even with boosters.

Now we have atgms and aams breaking roughly 1 hour into the game which for heli without gun makes it near impossible to do anything useful unless you wanna snipe 2 spaa at a time with dumbfire rockets.

here is the ty90 breaking roughly 1 hour in

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This is an issue in ground battles now. And it also affects planes with targeting pods that allow you to lock on stuff. Thanks gaijin for not knowing what QA is and making my 70 buck plane unplayable on patch release. You’d be lucky if every 3rd paveway hits the target while it loses lock constantly and ground vehicle hitboxes are flying all over the place outside of their visial model.

After La Royal Update , And especially After Fixing B-14b Radar , I See Bug In Peten When Traking Fast Moving Target in Pve And In Ground Assault, The Tracking Box Move Away From Enemy And Missile hit the Ground It happend All times , I wish u fix this Plz Cuz Its Very Annoying And Unacceptable Issue

I have the same issues that you described. Heli PvE and Ground Assault Arcade is barely playable as a helicopter pilot, since you can’t lead your missile where they need to go.

The locking worked in the past, but now the lock doesn’t drag the vehicle models into their hitbox as it was. The lock will just jump around or it will get lost randomly. The missiles therefore will miss moving targets most of the time.

Did Gaijin acknowledge the problem yet somewhere? I didn’t see any posts about this specific problem.

A month has passed since the problem was reported on the bug report site. But as of now the problem is still not resolved

Same and my mates too. AFter an amount of time or amount of points (depend of score of others), your Missiles (hellfires for me) never hit. I test in the grass where i aim, they hit so i test again, and…no hit nothing…
SO i have an idea: go in missile camera for see whats happened and bim that works!! But after 4 SPAA, finish, my tips stop work too and i hit nothing again except rockets. And you can die, jettison etc…nothing, the battle if finish for you. I have 4000+ and must leave and let a beginner player in KA50 who play very badly hope he finish the game or leave before he loose.

Gaijin doesn’t care. Ever notice that.

it’s a general bug with missiles, as the match goes on they desync with the server, it’s a plague in ASB too, you launch a missile at someone, it’s tracking goes crazy for about 10 seconds, then it tries to fix it and misses 9/10 times.