IS-6 too weak for 7.7

The IS-6 is weaker than the IS-3 which is 7.3 and I would like to say that the IS-6 should be changed to the BR 7.3 or even 7.0 because there is nothing you can do about all the cold war Tanks that are much more modern and therefore stronger than the IS-6 and you have no chance. Please fix it


ok but what will the 6.0 and 6.3 tanks do about you?

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Welcome to the world of late heavy tanks.

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this is every post about br

Currently the IS-6 is a point-click adventure for wide variety of tanks a whole BR below at 6.7, which doesn’t seem right when you consider that thing should be a heavy tank.

It was too strong at 7.3, which makes it a 7.7 tank. It is incredibly hard to kill with conventional rounds, and even some APDS can’t pen the ufp.

It’s frontal weakspot is also very small, and it has great mobiltiy for a heavy.

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This thread is bait, right?


I wonder how cracked the maus is now, since they moved a lot of tanks at 7.7 while the maus has the same br

It’s strong when top tier still, but you have to play it like a medium (worse armour, better reload and mobility compared to IS-4).

Almost worthless fighting in full uptiers (like the IS-4).

Good thing that at ~7.0 HEAT takes over.

You mean it’s bearable in full downtiers ?

There’s really no real difference for it in regards to what it competes against. It just boils down to the player awareness and knowledge in using it and fighting it.

Yes, but it’s practically immune to the is-6 or other russian 122mm aphe (not just due to it’s armor)

Hmm. From my experience playing the Maus I’ve had the Ivan 122mm guns using APHE pen my turret on all sides and the sides of my hull out to 500m under conditions where my angling was either nonexistent or under about 30-40°. So I’d say " practically immune " is hyperbolic.

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I intend to play it a bunch next week, so I’m going to find out 😁

all you have to do is swing the turret, then network shittery will make it immune to probably even apfsds

only problem i had with it was getting bombed, atgms and heatfs wasnt a big problem as people make it seem. that thing is a sponge

Can confirm, by the way.

J_ackal, remember the angled pen modifiers on Soviet shells can have a big impact. Best thing the Maus player can do is angle, not just the hull at 45°, but the turret too in between shots. This can be hard to remember every time, especially if you’re a heavy user of the coax like I am.

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the 100mm yes, the 122mm eh, it has but not that much. Kinda lacks flat pen for the br as well

Provided you’re not missing your gunner or turret ring, anyways. But even turret dancing provides no guarantee.