IRST should be 11.0

IDK feel like IRST for IFVs should be at 11.0 or 10.7, Makes it far too easy for IFVs to attack helicopters and planes, whats is the point of SPAA if IFVs are doing that job for them? SPAA seem to just be there to kill planes and helicopter that are brain dead and fly high

Most IFVs with proxy shells don’t have IRST.

The vehicle which does have IRST and proxy shells is classified as an SPAA and operated as such IRL, Gaijin just didn’t want to sell a premium SPAA.

IFVs with access to IRST usually are firing APDS / APFSDS which isn’t nearly as effective as an SPAA’s guns assuming you have access to them. They also do not have radar, that is the major benefit of SPAA as it lets you detect incoming air targets including their munitions assuming your radar is good enough.

For an IFV to kill you, you have to be within ~2.5km or so of the battle. That’s too close to be getting uppity about dying to IFVs. Also, this is a tiny minute detail of IFVs at 10.0 (which is where all of the ones that have tracking are) and those IFVs struggle as is overall.

the only SPAA that uses its radar is S1 everyone else should only ever be using IRST and the radar for like 3 sec to see what’s in the sky. so my point still stands IRST is better than radar lock in all but finding the targets look if SPAA are using IRST and not a radar lock then that’s saying that the game is broken when coming to IRST, IFVs can shoot heli’s at spawn if they are on the right map, I’m just saying IRST shouldn’t be giving lead either, it just as good as as radar but no RWR, how is it judging speed and direction only thing it can do is say hey follow that warm thing in the sky, its Point and click and it’s yucky

You may find SPAA more useful if you actively make use of your radar. Being able to snap lock to a plane’s position is very handy when you’re only going to have a 3 second firing window.