IRST Radar - Hovet BR 8.0

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How does one turn on the radar for AA vehicle such as the Hovet. The ‘key’ at the bottom states “F+ALT” but that does nothing. Hitting the “Y” key brings up a multifunction tab that has “1, Num 1” for IRST radar on/lock but again,… nothing. What is the trick. Tutorials have nothing on this.


As far as i remember Hovet have only a track radar that can be used only from gunner’s view. So you need to locate a target with an Eyeball mk.1 then go into a gunner and press f+alt to lock it.


As @Ushatek already mentioned,the Hovet only has a tracking radar.

This means that,in order to lock on onto an aircraft,you need to press F+ALT while using the gunner sight.

In this particular scenario,the Hovet’s tracking radar not only has limited range (under 2km if i remember correctly),but its FOV is very VERY narrow,meaning that the aircraft must be at the very centre of the crosshair in order to have a lock

With this in mind,use the tracking radar as a surprise tool:wait for an unbothered plane that is making a dive approach to be just under the 2km range,lock onto him and spray him to pieces,the closer you are to the target the more likely you are to destroy it

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