IRST makes CM pointless

For the people who say Chaff works on SPAA and Flares counter IRST then do explain how this works. 50/50- F/C, Period 0.50s, series Periods 1.00s. 2S6, still tracked with no effort.

50/50-F/C. Period 0.20s, series Periods 1.00s. IRST, Stll tracled along with the other SPAA idk what it was tho but you can see it shooting.

“CAS is OP” or or “YOU DESERVE IT”

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CAS isn’t OP, people just don’t counter it till it’s too late, it’s like a hole in a boat, do you plug it before the boat sinks or after, WT players like to let the boat sink before they decide on countering CAS by then its to late. doesn’t make CAS OP


Flares do usually throw off the IRST but it isnt a hard counter. This is because they also have the back-up system of hand aiming.

If you discover that you are begin tracked by IRST and the guy has HE-VT you’re surely cooked and using countermeasure after he shoots the round on you won’t really help.

First video:

  • 2S6 has 2 modes of tracking IRST and Radar, the guy could change it to counter the constant change of target from the Radar locking, because countermeasure can mess the Radar lock, IRST no,

Second video:

  • Same explanation but with HE-VT (no tracing) and IRST, also you’re flying straight knowing there’s someone shooting at you.
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Yes, I was showing that CM are pointless due to IRST,

IRST shows the range and the point to aim, this is the problem with IRST, IRST should only let you track a target in the sky that’s hotter than the Sky, The lead indicator is a joke, where is the information for lead coming from? IRST is not a radar, so why is it acting like it’s a radar, that’s shits better than TWS.


IRST can measure these thing using laser, or it can use kinematic ranging.

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Few IRST do this. Even then, i am pretty sure it is because those systems have other instruments which can get that data.

That guy in the second video really didnt need an lead seeing how slow you where going.

First one doesnt get lead.

IRST is a generalized case of forward-looking infrared (FLIR), i.e. from forward-looking to all-round situation awareness . Such systems are passive (thermographic camera), meaning they do not give out any radiation of their own, unlike radar. This gives them the advantage that they are difficult to detect

So no they don’t use a laser to gauge range or they wouldn’t be passive.

distance in kinematics requires you to know the start point and end point of the measurement, You looking at basically an 2D image in the IR band without a 3rd you’re not getting that measurement once you laser the target then you can get the 3rd dimension to calculate this.

So there for if you have LWR you should know your being locked by IRST

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If your plane is colder than the ambient air, consider turning on the engine.

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Thats Golden mate

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Some of them do not use it, then they are not able to provide information about the speed/range, and they are unable to calculate the point where the system has to aim, but some of them do. And just for your information. Most IRST systems for gun based SPAA use laser to measure things needed for their FCS to calculate lead.



In that case it is very simple to display where to shoot, and the moment target moves to the side, kinematic measurment can be preformed.
Yes this also apply to IRST


IRST itself is passive, but they are used in conjunction with a laser range finder to acquire range.

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It remember the Shrapnel shells in PUMA and PGZ09 that works almost like a HE-VT and in game interface the ranging values, distance, is always on change probably showing the target distance.

Then LWR should know when IRST is locked to you

Done a read of this, it’s about air-to-air Missiles, in conjunction with the seeker’s head, it’s a 3-way loop, its seems that it has errors that are calculated for you (pre-programmed) I’m not sure this works with a gun round, as it doesn’t have a seeker nor is it mentioned. nice find tho was a fun read.

Its not about 1:1, its about principal of kinematic ranging. Some IRST will use the same principal, but most use laser.

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I agree with you, I just couldn’t find anything to do with gun rounds, So my questions about IFVs and IRSTs are still unanswered for me, if I have the benefit of the doubt here, this means a helicopter not moving wouldn’t give you a range, but one that’s moving would with an error = or+ id
k what amount haha.

Currently this error is greatly reduced using modern technology, and modern systems can measure distance based on comparing size of the return with database using scaling, but that is more expensive than simply adding laser in. When it comes to gun rounds, as i said above, it is not IRST that calculates lead, but FCS. In order to calculate it need things like: round velocity, target heading, target velocity, range etc. Without them it cant calculate lead.