Ireland map

why is ireland a map? i don’t get it. No battles have actually been fought there for centuries.


…and neither have there been battles on La Réunion, Hong Kong, Alaska, American Desert, Shirakawa, Stockholm and the Arctic…

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It would be great if some cars had a small probability to explode if you get close enough to it.

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+1, add 500kg of tnt equivalent


Why stop at cars. Piles of rubbish or other places terrorists could hide a bomb would work.

While at it, I suggest K9 units as researchable mod consumables to clean that stuff up lmao

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i guess you see my point. Why aren’t the maps related to historical battle sites?

and btw, alaska was invaded by japan in WWII. And so was Hong kong.

My mom farted like twice when visiting Ireland.
So two nuclear wars that happend there for sure.

i think guiness sucks. That could start something.

So us UK mains can roleplay an invasion of Ireland in the modern day.

Why is Sweden a Nation in Warthunder?

I always think about WT as a Strike Witches theatre.

Edit: Battle of Réunion - Wikipedia

Well, to even call this a “Battle” stretches it quite a bit, don’t you think? ;-)