Iranian Grounds Force Tech Tree

Well, if it’s only internal changes then that’s certainly making it quite difficult to distinguish from Zulfiqar 3 to be honest.

So, if you have any image that shows the difference between Zulfiqar 3 and 4 that would be really appreciated.

There are not many photos of it, unfortunately

Well, that was unfortunate.

Perhaps we gotta wait for the Sacred Defense week in the upcoming week to see if more info and images of the new Zulfiqar variants were disclosed.

Regarding the construction of the Shahid 285 combat helicopter, many Western media were surprised to examine and analyze this all-Iranian bird; In this regard, the Militaryfactory website wrote about the Shahid 285 helicopter: This helicopter is a much more advanced version of the American Bell 206 helicopter, and today Iran has made good progress in the military industry in the helicopter sector.

Every day I am checking whether Iran is added or not, and the addition of Iran is really attractive
I personally buy all Pirimium Iran tanks for myself and my friends

All Iranian equipment has been displayed in international arenas and international exhibitions and has been tested in reality and most of the samples have been sold to different countries.

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The best news that can reach me is the addition of Iran in War Thunder
It’s true, I don’t spend money on this game, but the addition of Iran can change my opinion
The game is going to be really interesting

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You are absolutely right, but Iran has a series of tanks related to the Second World War, such as the T-26 Sherman and other tanks, which can even increase from rank 1.

These tanks aren’t nearly as interesting as the rank IV+ for this nation and I believe for diversity sake that that lower tier copy/paste should be avoided.

Iran at IV+ is solid anyways, why make people grind through tanks they’ve seen a million times before in order to get to the good part?

Yes, I agree with your opinion, in my opinion, it is better that Iran’s tanks start from battlerite 6 or rank 4.


Iran as a powerful country is great to add

This is great!

Would it be possible for you to also send me the information about the Shirs, specifically the Shir 2?

That is pretty much all I got at the moment. I’ve acquired new book with more information regarding Shir 2, I would share more once I read them.


Qased (meaning messenger) is a 900 kg (2,000 lb) smart bomb manufactured by Iran. The Qased bomb is an air-to-ground, guided, long-range bomb, so far three examples of Qased bombs have been used by the Air Force. The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has been unveiled. The Messenger 1 bomb with a 2000-pound warhead has a range of 40 kilometers and an intelligent and passive optical system is used to guide it. 10 km (range of 50 km) and maintaining a warhead of 2000 pounds, which makes it possible to use it from a distance of 50 km.Due to having a rocket engine, the Qased 3 bomb has a range of 100 km, and its wings are also smaller compared to the previous two examples, which has increased the range of this bomb by two times compared to the previous examples.


New photos of the Karar tank show that it has been used in most of Iran’s armored brigades, the Iranian army and the IRGC




Karrar Tank Which Its Iranian MBT