Iranian Grounds Force Tech Tree

Would make a good sub-tree from the looks of it.
There are too many tech trees in-game as is that start at rank 4, and the one too many has helicopters & a large airforce to back it up.

I would love to see the unique vehicles from Iran, but I cannot say yes to a dedicated tech tree personally.


This actually looks really nice. Though I’m not sure about adding the ordered (but never delivered) F-16 and F/A-18 into the tree, since there was an upheaval when it was announced for the Japanese tree. In addition, the Iranian reverse-engineered F-5 were actually compartible with more modern missile system, so I think it can fill the high-tier gap for now.

As a side note, I’ve added an obscure prototype conversion of the Sarir APC with 20 mm M61 Vulcan into the proposal. Not much is known other than it was an experimental CIWS vehicle developed by IRGC based on their Sarir APC, and it seems to never entered service.

Converted and normal Sarir APC for comparison.

Also, here’s my draft on Iranian helicopter tree at the moment. I would made a suggestion about this once I have more time to gather more info about them.


(Note that I can’t edit the main thread to add the info of the Sarir for a moment so I’ll leave it here for now.)



Though I’m not sure about adding the ordered (but never delivered) F-16 and F/A-18 into the tree, since there was an upheaval when it was announced for the Japanese tree.

I mainly added the F-16 and F/A-18 partially because the Imperial Iranian Air Force did evaluate them however unlike Japan with the F-16, the Iranians did place an order of them so it way more grounded in reality than the F-16AJ. The order for both the F-16 & F/A-18’s were blocked for very obvious reasons. The other reason why i added the F-16 & F/A-18 is that Iran does not have a lot of option to choose from. It is either with Aircraft that Iran evaluated or/and ordered but the deal fell through for whatever reason (e.g: F-16AI & F/A-18AI) or prototypes that either were built but never flew, existed only as a mockup or even only as a proposal (e.g: Qaher-313 & Shafaq). Choosing either option will make certain groups of people upset and if you omit vehicles that fit into either options you’ll make a different group of people upset. After spending enough time with the WT community & communities with a similar theme. I have learned that you absolutely cannot make everyone happy so the best option is to make your own decisions and if you make a good enough explanation on why you make that decision most people will understand on why you take that stance.

In addition, the Iranian reverse-engineered F-5 were actually compartible with more modern missile system, so I think it can fill the high-tier gap for now.

I might move at the Saeqeh & Koswar up to Tier VIII in the next iteration since they do have a lot of significant upgrades over the F-5’s & Azarakhsh not only in terms of weapon loadouts but also in terms of avionics. The thing i am trying to figure out is if the Iranian reverse-engineered F-5 can use secondary weapons of Chinese &/or Russian origin ontop of the US & Domestic armaments, finding weapon loadout specifications for these vehicles is quite tricky


I think this image of the Saeqeh might give you a clue about Iranian weapon systems.

Iran did managed to produce their own verson of the AIM-9 Sidewinder called the Fateh (or Fatter depending on romanization), which seems to be an odd mix of the AIM-9 and the Chinese PL-5 (in which Iran have also procured). Given that Iran usually outfitted their modernized jets using Chinese-derived avionics, it is safe to assume that the Iranian American-based jets can be equipped with both the American-derived and Chinese missiles, in addition to Iranian domestic payload.

A more peculiar example of Iranian AAM is the Sedjil (or Sedjeel) missile. Which is essentially an AAM modified MIM-23 Hawk SAM.

Reportedly, this missile was first used during the war with Iraq. Due to the size, it was only carried by the Iranian F-14.

There is also the Farkour-90, which is based on the AIM-54 Phoenix missile. The missile were primarily used by the F-14, while also tested on the MiG-29 as well.


I would like specifics in terms of what secondary ordinances that Modern Iranian aircraft used, especially of Chinese origin but this will be a good start (I will check out the J-7’s that Iran Operated), I know that Iranian F-14’s were tested to use R-73’s as well as their F-4’s being upgraded to use Chinese weapons including PL-5’s (PL-5B & E’s) & 7’s ontop of their domestic missiles starting in 2013

As for the F-5’s I’m going to make the Iranian reverse-engineered F-5’s starting missile be the PL-5, also they’ll come with ballistic computers. The Saeqeh and Koswar will have All-Aspect AAM’s (assuming if there is an All-Aspect missile variant of the Fatir), if not it can be substituted with PL-5E and the Koswar will carry 4 of them. The Koswar will have access to a laser range finder and guidance system at the cost of losing a 20mm autocannon to make space for the avionics


Other than a large number of unguided bombs stockpile Iran has after the revolution, Iran has also developed their own precision air-to-ground ammunition as well. These are some examples that I could find an info about them.


This is the Zoobin, one of the first of Iranian PGM developed during the Iran-Iraq war. The missile is a TV-guided, rocket powered missile based on the American M117 bomb with a maximum range of 20 km. The bomb is used by Iranians F-4 and some modified F-5.


This is the Qadr, an early Iranian guided bomb. It is based on the 2000 lb BLU-117 bomb and is modified to be electro-optical guided.


And this is the Qased TV guided bomb. It is essentially a further development from the Qadr also based on the BLU-177 bomb. Not much is known other than it was in active service.


I would love to see the Iranian Tech Tree in-game, I’m going to be bias obviously since I got family from Iran but the engineering and everything behind Iranian equipment is just phenomenal.

Big fat +1 for me!

Also wanna just see the Iranian F-4E lel in-game


+1, but not for the immediate future
Rather wait until a few other nations come first.
By that time Iran will likely have shown a bunch of new vehicles anyways.


Fairly big update for the tech tree, as Gaijin has announced the tech tree foldering update in addition to the recent BR changes. So I have edited the tech tree proposal to reflect these changes.

You can see these changes in the spoiler below:


In addition, I’ve also included some new vehicles with these changes:

Heidah 41




Status: Proof-of-concept vehicle developed by NEZAJA.

Throughout the 2010s, Iran has unveiled several proof-of-concept “road mobile artillery” that never entered active service. One of these is the Heidah 41, a KrAZ-5233 truck mounted with 122 mm D-30 gun derived from the 2S1 Gvodzika that were revealed along

“130 mm Self-Propelled Gun”



Status: Proof-of-concept vehicle developed by NEZAJA.

Note: The vehicle’s actual designation is unknown.
This peculiar gun truck, simply called the “130 mm Self-Propelled Gun” in the 2019 Eqtedar 40 military exhibition, is another proof-of-concept road mobile SPG. This one is based on the Mercedes-Benz L2621 truck with 130 mm Type 59-1 field gun, a Chinese derivative of the Soviet M-46 gun, which a derivative is also mounted on some Soviet prototype tanks such as the IS-7.



Status: Currently in service with the Iranian Air Defense Force.

The Dezful is another example of Iranian obsession with road mobile SAM. This time it is a conversion/derivative of the Tor-M1 SAM mounted on a truck. It pursumably has the same track-while-scan and multiple targeting capabilities of the original Tor-M1.

As a side note, I have submitted the suggestion for the Falaq MLRS and the Tiam MBT, both are still waiting for approval. So here’s a nice frontal image of both vehicles that I’ve found for the time being.

Also, here’s the shameless plug for my suggestion for the B.H.I 500A ATV.


i love to see iranian tech tree as long as iran is one of middle east great powers, you have my vote +1


As an Iranian i would like to see Iran tech tree in game. It will be nice addition to game.


i love to see iranian tech tree as long as iran is one of great powers, you have my vote +1


Iran as a powerful country is great to add


based Iranian Grounds Force Tech Tree


I really wanna see how gajin is gonna balance this one. you have my vote 1+


Now this is just suspicious.


can’t wait to see iranian tech tree also you did a great job with tech tree ,nice work buddy +1


It looks quite nice, in this form too. Also appreciate how you split Zulfiqars. I got few question regarding future of your project, do you plan to add more Chieftains ? Like in/ex-service ones such as Chieftain Mk.3/3P, Mk.5/5P and FV4030/1 as well as funded ones such as Shir 1 & 2 & 3 ?

Also do you really think Makran deserves such high BR ? It sounds more like 8.7 - 9.0 vehicle to me. Anyways, still a very well-rounded suggestion


To be honest, I’m not quite sure about the Shir tanks, as I can’t really find any solid info about it aside from some footnotes mentioning that it was an earlier modernization of the Chieftain project before the Mobarez. Plus identifying these Chieftain variants from each other was quite tricky, as they looks very similar to one another. So, unless some of these Chieftain variants were not reduandant with the ones I’ve already included, I have no plans to add them into the proposed tree.

About the Makran, I’ve decided to give it a relatively high BR based on my assumption that it will be compartible with the newest Iranian ATGM, since there’s no information about the exact model of an ATGM the Makran can be equipped with. Essentially it’s subject to chance if more information about it came to light.

As a side note, among other things that were revealed during the 2023 Defense Industry Week expo were the newer variant of the Almas ATGM, a derivative of the Spike ATGM fire-and-forgot missile. Specifically the Almas 2 and 3. The Almas 3 in particular can be equipped with either thermobaric or anti-tank warhead and has an extended range of 10 km.

So far, the Almas missile can be seen equipped on Iranian drones, helicopters or a single ground launcher, though I assumed that the missile can also be equipped on vehicle as well. Given that this missile was successfully tested on Panha helicopters and Mohajer drones, it would definitely give Iran some serious CAS capabilities.

Source about the new Almas ATGM:


آشنایی با چند دستاورد جدید دفاعی/ بمب آرمان و موشک پرسه زن سینا هم عملیاتی شد - تسنیم


Well, I assumed that someone have spotted my suggestion and decided to give it a “boost”. Though some were definitely quite over the edge, to be honest. So I will leave that to the moderators to handle the matter.

As a clarification. I wanted to stay politically neutral about my proposal and would not bring up geo-political matters into my discussion, as I already said before in the old forum that my main goal of the proposal is to highlight and showcase the exotic military equipments of Iran, and not how they were used. Since every vehicles in War Thunder were designed to kill, that some of them were used in current conflicts, and that War Thunder have featured plothera of vehicles used by certain political group/nation with “questionable” policies and practices, and the game specifically focused on the military hardware itself, and not those who were using it.

I appreciate the support and critique for the proposal, but I don’t think we should bring up off-topic matters to the table, as I wanted to specifically focus my discussion on the military hardware.