IR Missiles & Helicopters

So I have a honest quest.

Why is it that helicopters has the thermal signature of a cold potato? Recently I have found that it is easier to IR lock a hellfire from 8km away than it is to lock a helo in clear sight from 3km away.

Just me or did a bug occur and value adjusted that needs to be rolled back?

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From what it sounds like, it’s easier to lock a prop plane with a missile than a helicopter. That’s crazy…

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HIRSS is irrelevant against most SAMS in Warthunder, as they feature Optical locking or IR/UV seekers. Optical locking is as the name suggests, and UV seekers target an aircraft’s UV ‘shadow’ and thus cannot be defeated with similar countermeasures.

Add on the fact that all IR missiles have their IR sensitivity about halved compared to real life, and that’s why Heli’s are hard to lock. HIRSS isn’t going to be able to beat a non-afterburning front-aspect target.