IR Missile lock on scout drones

Being able to lock on to an electric powered scout drone with a IR missile in AA system. Since the drone is powered by an electric motor that does not run high enough temperature for a IR missile to lock


Then why can’t I lock on to a turbine powered Helicopter with the IR ?

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Either it’s because of no uv modeled, or it’s because optical tracking isn’t modeled

But that brings me back to my original point

Scout drones are generally right above the battlefield, it could be that is enough to track it compared to a heli at 2km

That would make sense but even when a Z-19 or a Ka-50 is acting like close air support it has a hard time locking on to them with IR when I can lock a drone across the map on red Desert

Idk it’s the snail

Usually scout drones use small engines. So they have some heat signature. The one we have in game also uses a engine instead of motor as far as I’m aware.

I don’t think the have a engine in them with how small they are

there are small engines out there.

Yes but it would be impractical to fit one on that type of platform plus the fuel and the weight alone would be to much

Most military recon drones of that size have a small engine in them. Electric motors aren’t usually used in this type of drones. The recon drone we have in game is based on a russian drone(I forgot its name) and if I’m not mistaken it had a engine irl.

Because Gaijin dramatically underestimates the IR signatures of all vehicles by about half (or, really they underestimate the IR seeker range of most missiles by about half)


Doing a quick Google search and found this

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