Invisible missiles need to be removed, made visible

I’d love night battles on SB explicitly because things like using reheat would make you much easier to see and youd have to be far more tactical with it.

Though If that simply isn’t modeled, that is a real shame


My main counter argument is this. Why does this never happen in Air Sim?

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  1. What @Morvran said
  1. Is this any worse than the current shitshow that is AirRB? Its not the first engagement that decides the match, its the first 5s after contact. If we take SimEC as a template, the maps are bigger, there are multiple airfields, there are multiple targets, you can respawn and perhaps most importantly THERE ARE LESS PEOPLE PER TEAM. I don’t often play Sim but every once in a while I’ll play for an hour or two and I never see more than 8 players per team. SimEC would be just as broken as AirRB if gaijin tried to shove 16v16 in there (Yes I know its possible, it just never happens)
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The less player in SB bit is only because less people play it. In theory it’s 16 Vs 16 and those matches can feel a tad cramped. Though nothing stopping them from capping them at about 12 per team

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It does though,… last time i got in SB, i was unable to takeoff as AAM were easily killing me as soon as i took the air.

Has happened to me maybe once in 2 years of almost exclusively playing ASB

Well because thanks enough there is mostly good players in SB → that’s not the same thing in RB and AB modes.

Now they’ve broken a bunch of missiles so they’re all invisible like aim9m and suddenly invisible missiles are a problem again.