Invisible missiles need to be removed, made visible

The AIM-54C is reduced amoke irl, and its been bug reported since its dev server almoat a year ago, but gaijin pretends they dont see the bug report and categoricaly refuse to give it a reduced smoke motor for no reason at all…

My only issue with the 9m is that you cant even see it being launched, like at all. you should be able to at least see the motor burning and the missile should create a flash that should be visible when the missile is first launched. You shouldn’t be able to see it in full day maps, but in evening or night maps you should absolutely see the missile, but you just don’t. It’s invisible. You absolutely can see a 9m be launched at you irl, once it’s off the rail it’s gone though.

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That type of flash cannot be detectable through distances, even in footages its barely visible in close range.

What’s funny is , you can lock every missile with another missile when the motor is working , but you can’t lock 9M with missile. İt’s like , the motor isn’t there.

Helps you lock the hostile plane in headons. Your missile wont lock the 9m they fired but their plane instead. I see it as a bonus

Absolutely, but still, shows how half assed gaijin made it

You can see it within visual range and especially at night/evening/early morning. If you can see the plane, you can see the flash of the motor when it leaves the rail. At night you’ll probably see the motor of the missile before the aircraft if the burner isn’t going. This applies to all missiles, the 9m isn’t the only one effected but its the only one that causes issues because its the only low smoke motor in game. And yes rip aim54c.

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Fox 3’s will be DOA if multipath remains as effective as it is today. The Fox-2 meta will remain unchanged.

You’re talking about very spesific scenarios, on normal scenarios you most likely not gonna be able to see that flash with your eyes.

Also it doesnt matter if you can see the plane or not cause at certain distance that burning phase cannot be seen easily.

for everyone who is a bit… offended, the OP merely wishes to state, that the 9M, while near invisible in GRB and SIM, are usually F-16 falcons.
fighting F-16s while you yourself are in a CAS aircraft that isnt an F-16 is near impossible due to the manoeuvrability differences.


And within those specific scenarios in game you see exactly nothing, which is the problem. Most of the sim lobbies outside of vietnam and sinai are usually evening in my experience. Its especially bad on Afghanistan when you cant see a launch from less than 2km out and it’s borderline night out. You absolutely can see a 2m long flame from 2-3 km and the associated flash of the rocket motor starting to burn unless you’re in broad daylight. Even at night with nvg, where you 100% should be able to see the missile through its entire burn, you see absolutely nothing. Its dumb.

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In ARB maybe (though I think the multipath boundary is going to at least get lowered here soon), but OP is also talking about GRB and SIM.

Many already are missing it.


Idk about DOA, but they’ll be substantially weaker than they should be.

I think the more likely funny side effect of Fox-3’s coming to the game is that 99% of players will sling all of them asap and then have almost no missiles left for the rest of the match.

If they were as strong as real life the game would just be overly hectic.

Nono, thats a GOOD thing. If god forbid gaijin kept AirRB the same and threw in ARH missiles the game mode is going to collapse in a week max. 16 players per team, each carrying 4 fox3s on average is 144 missiles. If the current gluehuffers playing the F14 are anything to go by, all of those missiles are gonna get spammed out within 2 minutes of the match starting. Im pretty sure the server cant handle 144 missiles in the air at the same time and even if it could the player base definitely cant. If we dont get RBEC in the patch adding fox3s AirRB is gonna crash and burn and once it crashes gaijin will finally add RBEC simply out of necessity

Weve seen gaijin are a lot better at putting out fires rather than improving the game, hopefully fox3s light a big fire so we can get some actual changes for AirRB


The worst effect for me is the vapor cones at transonic speeds. It happens way too often.

Hopefully this happens, I wanna see ARB burn for a week then get massive changes

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I have noticed when trying out night battle BVR fights with my friend, that from side aspect the afterburners on our jets were not visible. Like you’d think you could easily see an after burning jet in night-time conditions but it was only possible near rear aspect, when we kind of tried looking from above/the side the afterburner disappeared.
Maybe there’s a similar thing going on with missile engines in the game?

No RB EC would be terrible aswell → a team that lost 1st engagement never will be able to recover,…

→ FOX-3 + AGM’s would make the loosing team impossible to be part of the game, but easy farm for the other one

→ the real thing is to put real distances [300+] in between 2 airfields, and maybe 1/2 tanker for fuel purposes.