Invisible IS-2s

Hey there,

I’ve just come out of a game where I twice encountered IS-2s that were invisible except for their tracks. (Body of tank invisible, all you could see was the tracks moving around). Unfortunately, this isn’t shown by the replay and I didn’t think to grab a screenshot at the time as I didn’t know where the enemy was looking so tried to put it down as fast as possible. I can send the replay if required anyway, the best example is against the IS-2 at around the 10:42 mark. It’s driving within 10m of me and I only saw the tracks at the last minute. You’ll see both shots against it are aimed at the lower hull between the track outlines as I couldn’t tell where the turret was or what way it was facing. Is this a bug or is it some form of cheat?

Replay link: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On