Invincible 2S38

I was playing A-10A, using Mavs and GBU-8s. This one 2S38 is shooting at me, so I start to target him.
1st Maverick: He shoots down. Ok, whatever, prox shells blahy blah
2nd Mavrick: makes a DIRECT HIT and yet does ZERO DAMAGE.
3rd Maverick: Shoots it down. whatever
So clearly Mavs aren’t working. Lets try GBU-8s.
Lock one, lineup with CCRP, drop. It falls like 50 feet short for no reason. Lock, lineup drop again. Same story, it just didn’t fucking fall correctly. Both bombs put on or after CCRP line so they shouldn’t have possibly been able to fall short, yet somehow they manage to. What the hell?

This is an issue with Maverick and overpressure, not 2S38 itself.
Oh and TV guided bombs.

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As @AlvisWisla mentioned, you can also find this issue in any other vehicle by occasion, sometimes you can’t destroy a Leopard 2 using guided bombs or AGM, most of the time that this happens only damages optics or secondary modules.

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Doesn’t explain the GBUs completely missing for no reason

Gaijin moment


About this I can’t say much since I don’t do CAS in ground either I don’t have a single vehicle with something similar to GBUs.