Introducing a new round of BR changes shortly after the update

Do you think another round of BR changes will be required after the update is released?
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With the release of the Seek and Destroy updates, the high and top tier environment will change significantly. While BR changes would normally happen at around early September, I think that it will be necessary to do a round of BR changes for the high tier environment way before that. What do you think?

Yeah, it would be good to get one about July. I have a strong feeling that a lot of the new aircraft may need adjustment


I think that it could be even sooner, maybe late June

Possibly… though Im thinking 2 weeks is not enough time for most to get ARH carriers unlocked. spaded and then a decent actual test. Mid july would be about 4 weeks from estimated release date.

( I should be able to power grind the FA2 fairly fast, but I think at least a week to spade it, then maybe 2 to 3 weeks before I even get the F3 Late unlocked, not too mention spaded, and its going to be a lot harder to spade)

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I think two weeks is fine. Enough people will have the vehicles to see their performance but not too many where it will break the matchmaker if something is too powerful

*enough of the dedicated people.

That being said, the majority of players will not have these aircraft unlocked and spaded. The statistics still be extremely skewed than what we’ll see in two months or so.


I think it will be enough to show if some plane is ultra OP or if some plane is super suffering

Especially because there will be also a lot of FM changes, especially for Mig-23s

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I am really curious to see how the sustained turn changes affect the statistics on these planes. They are already awkward to manage.

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The Mig-23M/MF will 100% have to go down in BR

I could only realistically see that if we decompress. Otherwise even with the turn issues it’ll be considerably overpowered with the R-24/R60s.

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Im of the opinion that all of the Mig-23s have spent much of the last year over BRed. Im doubting any are in any immediate need of BR change. With the exception of how they fair vs full uptiers, but even then, they wont be alone on that front

imho, assuming keep the all changes made on dev server, I’m expecting
13.7 - F15C, Mirage 2000-5, Su27SM, J11A, F16C
13.3 - Mig29SMT, JAS 39C
13.0 - Su27, F15A, J11, JAS 39A, J8F, F4ICE, Tornado (late), Mig29G
12.7 - Subsonic Fox3 carrier, Mirage 4000, F14B, F16A (French), F16 ADV
12.3 - Mirage 2000C (S4&S5), F16A, Mig29, F14A
12.0 - F4EJ Kai, F20A
11.7 - F4S (J), Mig23ML(A, D), JA37D, Mirage F1, Mirage 2000D, Tornado F3/ADV
11.3 - F4J (UK), J7E, J8B, JA37C, F104S ASA
11.0 - F4E, Mig23M (F), and everything else not mentioned
10.7 - F8E needs to be here.

Probably missing something here, but just a general thought.
Could be including bias from my personal experience, ur welcome to point out

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They only get R-23s not R-24s

who voted no 😭😭😭😭

Sorry, I was including the other variants in there as well - ML/MLA.

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Why are the j8f and f4f the same battle rating?

PL-12 + HMD

AIM-120 + No HMD

2 pl12 with no irccm ir missiles, limited ground attack ability
4 aim120 with irccm ir missies, good ground attack ability.

i wouldnt call 2 mavs good ground attack ability ngl

I didn’t check that particular phantom but I’m guessing it can carry a fuck ton of rockets and can kill bases without sacrificing any missiles.