Introduce more sim sized versions of maps for RB tier 6+

Like the title suggests I think it would be great to add ground sim versions of some maps into the rotation, with tanks in the higher tiers being faster or more capable of making long range shots easily, I think it is time to move more sim maps into the RB rotation.

Personally I am tired of fighting in small maps that are better suited for earlier tiers with modern MBT’s where you can win one engagement on a flank and immediately camp the spawn (im looking at american desert here or alaska).

I used to play sim ground A LOT and recently played it again and forgot how much of a breath of fresh air it was to play those maps, they offer such a variety of strategy options over most of the small and mid sized maps which all seem to boil down to the same 3 lane’s worth of options (which becomes incredibly stale).

If you don’t agree with this, then let me offer this idea in addition…

Allow players to opt in for these large sized maps the same way we can opt in for night battles which would also increase the frequency of getting the larger maps.

That way everyone is happy.

From what I have seen people have been enjoying the new sim version of the Tunisia map that expands beyond the mountains to the west, the large versions of Mozdok, 2nd Battle of El Alamain, Port Norvo would be great new additions… just make sure to cover the spawns so they cant be shot into from across the map.

If you have never tried sim ground, I would encourage you to try it a few rounds, it is great fun, although the lineups need reworked in some cases. The vast variety of terrain to fight over in the larger maps is just fantastic and allows for so much more freedom of movement which quite honestly makes the game feel a lot more fun.


Good suggestion but it’s clear what the direction of maps is going in, without any engagement with the playerbase. Yet at the same time the changes have supposedly been made “based on player feedback”…

  • The available play area in all missions on the Sands of Sinai location have been shifted to the left to exclude the hills, which allowed for control of most of the location and spawn points.

You can often see here in the forum how many people complain about spawncamping. In my opinion, this is often due to inadequate situational awareness. Flanders is the best example 95% of the players stay on the east side. The battles are then decided by the players who use the rest of the map. In almost all battles you can see huge gaps in the defence through which even a Maus can pass undetected.
Same on Ardennes, Fields of Normandy, or the maps where you got city and open fields … Seversk … even Breslau … all in the city where the action is and flanking is easy. Many players feel safer between the buildings … it’s just a shame that fighting with tanks in urban areas is much more dangerous.
Any changes we see are mostly to stop players who are smart and looking for alternatives. Those who are always willing to change nothing and only shout for change are often rewarded at the moment … And those who really need help (tank only mode) go away empty-handed.

Indeed. But instead of addressing specific issues they make sweeping changes that negatively impact the entire experience.

And the funny thing is that they’ve made spawn camping easier than before. By having the small lumps around the spawn, new spawns can’t shoot out of them unless they move forward, ending spawn protection. As predicted, spawn campers simply wait for them to leave, or they hide in their little spawn forts until they get bombed…

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