Interior modelled incorrectly on the Challenger 2

I decided to use Ansel and look inside the Chally 2… here’s what I found:

It’s current state is just purely apporling

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Oh no, that totally killed the vibe I had in this game.

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Yea, but no one cares bout it, you do not look inside under normal conditions, and you do not need the model weighting more than it does now (i can bet changing the interior would break something)


I’m not talking about the visual model, more or less the state of it in the game. The fictional ammo racks. Wet storage bins modelled as aluminium bins. Engine sound. CHARM 3 incorrect values etc.

It’s just low res modelling so something is visible when the turret inevitably flies off, probably copied from CR1 as far as the hull is concerned

do those ammo racks you’re complaining about exist in X-ray view?

No I clearly am not being understood. I was showing the internal model and then at the end I mentioned the incorrect state (overall) of the Challenger 2 in game.

Haven’t been wet storage bins since the Chally 1 mk.3.
During chieftains survivability trials it was found that the wet ammo storage performed badly so it was dropped and changed to armoured bin which we have in game

Though I think the issue in game (and why people want “wet storage” for the Challenger 2s) is the fact that the APDSFS rounds explode when hit like they were made out of high-explosives.


Yes but that has nothing to do with wet ammo storage, they just need to finally implement 2 piece ammo as 2 piece ammo

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Visual modeling =/= damage model.

Yeah ik

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