Insufficient RP Rewards and New Game Mode Required

I’d like to express my appreciation to Gaijin for their Economy Roadmap’s implementation, which has given players renewed hope and deterred many from leaving the game. However, I believe further changes are necessary. War Thunder holds a special place in my heart, and I envision it growing in popularity akin to games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. Gaijin’s impressive cinematic trailers draw new players in, but the intense grind often leads them to abandon the game prematurely.

Some may argue that grinding is an integral part of War Thunder’s appeal. But could we not explore ways to better engage these newcomers? I’ve introduced numerous friends to the game, only to witness them depart due to the grind. Moreover, many of my current War Thunder friends are even selling their accounts. The reasons are diverse – some have grinded out their favorite tech trees and grown tired of the repetitive and uninspiring team deathmatches, while others are fatigued by the months-long grind required to obtain their cherished vehicles.

Acknowledging that Gaijin requires income to sustain the game, with grinding serving as a source of revenue through premium time and vehicles, I believe alternative paths for monetization and growth exist. Instead of relying solely on arduous grinding and team deathmatches, why not streamline the grinding process and introduce a new game mode – War Mode? Please allow me to elaborate.

War Thunder stands as one of the few games, possibly the only one, boasting an extensive array of intricately detailed war machines with realistic armor modules. However, what purpose do these remarkable war machines serve if we don’t provide an all-encompassing war experience? In the proposed War Mode, existing squadrons can declare war or alliances, culminating in massive battles. This mode would be available only twice a week, such as Saturdays and Sundays. Each squadron would be tasked with military objectives and missions, necessitating strategic prowess to secure victory.

Within this mode, defensive and offensive squadrons would alternate in control of objectives. If the attacking squadron captures Objective A, the defensive counterpart would have to fall back and regroup at Objective B (Just like in Enlisted). Should the offensive unit’s progress stall in capturing Objective B, the defensive faction could launch a counteroffensive to reclaim Objective A. In a Top Tier War Mode, participants have the freedom to deploy all war machines available within their chosen nation’s arsenal, ranging from BR 8.3 to BR 12.0. Should a contemporary war machine be lost during battle, it will be substituted with older generation counterparts, maintaining the momentum of the conflict. Both factions will contribute all available resources to the battlefield, showcasing an all-out engagement. There should be no Silver Lion deduction to make sure that players keep spawning till their last vehicle. War Modes can also be organized based on real life war events that happened, especially for World War 2 tanks. Moreover, unlike the current Squadron Battles we have in game, Squadrons should be able to take more than 8 players in battle. If any Squadron lacks players, they can be merged with other Player lacking Squadron when looking for battle and both Squadron Team Leader should have a way to be able to communicate during battle.

This idea is a foundation, needing refinement. But I’m certain that this innovative game mode would foster excitement, motivation, and player engagement. It would offer a tangible incentive for grinding vehicles, ensuring sustained interest even after tech trees are fully unlocked. It’s essential to streamline the grinding experience, ensuring that players, both new and experienced, do not become fatigued or discouraged by its difficulty.

Thank you for reading. Please share your ideas to enhance this game mode.

I would be thrilled to witness such massive-scale battles in War Thunder’s future -


I hope gaijin will think about it


In general, it would be great to have an all-out war mode on a strategic level. Current air simulator maps would be perfect for this type of scenario, but they would be needing a rework so that they can be explored by player-controlled ground vehicles. Each fighting side will have bases with an airfield, where players will keep their resources necessary for the upcoming battles, such as armoured vehicles, air defence systems, and aircraft and also logistics. The base’s anti-air systems have to be manned by the players to defend against airstrikes as well as artillery systems to provide support, and this is where long-range strategic SAMs or indirect fire support can find their place in War Thunder.
The battle will start on the due date and time, but once the battle starts, every outcome would depend on the fighting parties, such as when or where they will meet and engage in hostilities. Players may start an offensive with large vehicle formations or may launch a recon mission with a convoy, a strategic mass bombing or a tactical precision strike. there can be forward objectives such as FOBs / Airfields and capturing them will give an upper hand to the respective parties.
Of course, such scenarios need more players to be active, and one squadron is not going to cover it, so I would suggest multiple squadrons should be able to join in the battle. There will be two sides, of course, the Red side (USSR, China, and possibly East Germany); the Blue side (USA and its NATO allies). Which side a squadron would join would be decided by the squadron commander and the officers. This game mode can last for a week in a month or for several weeks in a year during vacations. And players can have the choice to join or leave the game mode but once they attend, there should be a restriction for leaving before at least one action such as capturing an objective or completing a recon mission.
It’s high time we experience the height of the cold war in War Thunder.


I really hope so. Team Deathmatch is super boring and repetitive. Plus Gaijin should make ways to encourage new players continue the game if they are smart.


War thunder was busy adding vehicles but now most of the ground and air vehicles have been added. Now it is high time they changed the game mode and make this game much more enjoyable (specially in the top tier and ww2 vehicles) .


True. Plus its upsetting that these amazing vehicles cannot be utilized in its fullest capacity. Right now all we do is go and shoot. No specific purpose is being served. At one point the whole gameplay becomes boring. Thus a combine arms warfare would be super cool and would change the game forever for better.

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I agree but Gaijin isn’t going to stop focusing on vehicles for at least next 3-4 years


True, but like I said, if they are smart they will be adding vehicles as well as retain as many new players as possible with better game modes. They can even implement some of these ideas in the existing game mode too.

This would be amazing if implemented.

i like the idea

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Do you have any additional suggestions or expectations ? I was thinking of adding fuel consumption mechanics for only War Mode specifically.

Several. In fact, we could probably write several thousand words on the subject.

Take a look at this: WT Live // Mission by Bombe18

This game has the potential to be so much more than it currently is. If that’s what you can get out of a modder using the CDK, imagine what Gaijin could achieve if they wanted.

By far the biggest fun I’ve ever had in War Thunder was during last December’s season of World War. The mission variety was great. Assault was probably the most thrilling type of mission I’ve ever played in this game, both in an offensive and defensive capacity. And mission variety in general was amazing. Truth be told, if World War was a permanent mode, I’d play it all the time, and never bother with Ground RB again.

And therein lies the problem.

It is a widely accepted design principle that the most important feature of any MMO is a “zero second matchmaker”. The need to keep queue times close to zero informs many of Gaijin’s decisions, rightly so, since their livelihood is on the line.

More permanent modes dilute the playerbase. Every minute I spend in World War Mode, or your War Mode, or Combined Arms Enduring Confrontation (which is really the natural endpoint for both ideas I feel), is a minute where I’m not queueing up for Ground RB.

The alternative is as you say to limit it to squadrons. But at that point, why bother? Why go through all the work of designing, testing, implementing and balancing a whole new gamemode if the only players who get to use it, are long time players who can be kept busy with less effort by offering them squadron battles and tournaments?

The business model behind this game greatly constrains its artistic vision. Yes, maybe after they’re done adding more and more modern stuff, game modes will need another look, but in reality the objective will probably be to not rock the boat. WT doesn’t exist to be “fun” or fulfill its potential, but to keep you hooked. Showing you a tantalising glimpse of what it could be once every six months is a great way to get you to stay on for another six months of stale “cap A/B/C” core gameplay loop.


That said. Enough being a party pooper, I’ll actually engage with your question now.

I envision this new game mode as a mix between World War, and Enduring Confrontation. Not only would you have a dynamic frontline as you say, but the mission variety from World War would play into it. Raiding a convoy would actually reduce enemy supplies somewhere else on the strategic layer, dynamic spawns would come into play, stuff like that. By adding pillboxes, bunkers, bases and meaningful artillery to the standard presence of infantry, you would also give more targets other than enemy tanks to not just CAS, but to large calibre bunker busting tank destroyers/SPGs. The Sturmtiger becomes a lot more viable if you can lob giant rockets at fixed enemy emplacements whose destruction helps your team win.


I understand your points, that’s why we think something like a combined arms enduring confrontation game mode should take place once a week or for several days in a month or for several weeks during vacations. Such a way will keep players playing the ground RB in which they will grind their vehicles so that they can participate in this more dynamic game mode. Nevertheless, thanks for your opinion.

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Very well constructed explanation you have given there. I really appreciate your opinion. However, you have just missed one of the points in my post. I asked for a weekly game mode or monthly mode. A mode that’s only open for 2/1 days in a week will in no way affect the regular ground and air battles. What I want Gaijin to do is give a game mode that all or most of the players will be eagerly waiting for every week or month. It can be a good weekly or monthly event. Surely developing this mode will not be an easy task, but look at the bright side - every players will have the chance to play with whatever vehicles they have on hand. Think of this as a reworked version of Squadron Battles but with more people participating in it and the mode has much more dynamic objectives.

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That’s why I think the best starting place would be to tweak World War, as it’s already built to be seasonal.

Perhaps we could try and put together a comprehensive proposal to submit to the devs for consideration, as a moderated suggestion.


How do we submit a proposal? Whats the process?

I’m almost certain we’re waiting for their AI overhaul to be finished.

Nor should they, as that’s a lot of staff to let go for no real reason.

Here you go!

In practical terms we’d need to follow the rules listed above; think through every aspect of the suggestion to make sure we’re proposing something that is actually both viable and beneficial; and make sure the pitch is effective by providing proper, expansive argumentation.

Air RB need bigger map ! flying larger object on each side of the maps like AWACS , Oil Tanker ( some jet should be able to refuel mid air ) , EW Jets !

AWACS could transmit Data ( Radar info ) to other jet so for some jet they could use that info for Missile guidance and identifying enemy from longer distances! Destroying them could cut off that advantage and we could get similar RP like destroying bases ! Ground should have some SAM site ( we can use anti Radiant missile to take out their Radar )

Although they need bigger map for this ! even if it’s just a mod for SIM i! i wouldn’t mind

I’d love a large scale war mode, Surely they could dedicate some power to say a 100 player mode made up of those using tanks, planes and ships maybe featuring multiple capture zones over land and sea. obviously the more players the better for even more carnage lmao.

I’d love to see some more modern warships too, Guided missiles destroyers and the like since we have fairly modern jets helicopters and tanks now.

As for the rp, I can’t get on very much now but I’d like to actually finish a line in my lifetime. At the moment my most advanced vehicles are the m1a1 and the anti tank launcher apc from the team vehicles. And as much as I love my m1a1 I do get slaughtered sometimes

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