Inquiry regarding status of top tier Merkavas

As Gaijin continues to tweak other MBTs, I was wondering if the top tier Merkavas are still in rough shape or have more changes been made to help these out beyond the recent reload buff? It seems the armor could use some help, but I am no expert.

Also, which Merkavas would you describe as the best at their BR or most viable?


Love the 11.3 merks with their awesome thermal generation and his resolution, paired with a absolutely wonderful gun and amazing mobility, but every single Merkava all will have paper armor to an extent, except some merks turrets can withstand 3BM60 in some places on a good day…

If you’re expecting it to be fixed or buffed anytime soon… yeah no. Minor nation mbts always get the short end of the stick, we’ve had some open bug reports for months (maybe even a year on the armor one for the mk.4 series) and still no updates or fixes…


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thank you. Sad.