Individual bomb fuze time for planes

Can we have individual bomb fuze time for every plane separatly?

It is soooooo frustrating and manny times deadly that you have to set the fuze every time you want to use a different plane. For exaple if you use guided bombs it is advised to set the fuze time to 0 sec to maximise leathality, however at the momment war thunder uses this fuze time on EVERY SINGLE PLANE that you have. This can cause big problems if you forget to change the fuze time and try to play a different plane and try to perform a low altitude bombrun. Like I did. And I was very supprised when the 800 kg bomb evaporated me the moment it hit the ground, untill i realized that I did not change the fuze after I played with my jet and used GBU-s.

Is this game breaking? No. But it would be a nice thing, if we did not have to set the fuze time every single time if we use a different plane. Also this could be very easyily implemented considering that the fuel load is already separate for each plane


More of a Quality of Life suggestion than anything to really discuss about.

Or: Add the function to set the fuse in flight, if the aircraft was capable of doing so. You can for example directly see in the A-10’s weapons panel how the fuse can be set. This along with more detailed control over ripple quantity, mode and interval, which also should be added and with what I find much higher priority, because it’s really gameplay relevant.


I would honestly struggle to find any more useable keybinds to assign those to xD

Yeah. How nice it would be to have clickable cockpits…

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Hey, guys have you seen this yellow handle with black stripes , I bet this is cool to click. :D :D

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Full fidelity like DCS, running a full blown sim setup in VR would be wild for war thunder.

Bomb fuse keybind is on the 2024 roadmap.

DCS/VTOL VR my beloved

I dont know how a pilot would hang out of his plane to set bomb fuses but assult fuse works

In ww2 planes maybe not, but in modern planes you can set the bomb fuse on the DDI(the screen in the cockpit)

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I did not know that