Indian Mig29 to UK tree and Rafale

we don’t need the Indian stuff


This it’s hard to tell, depending on the decision of gajin

Well they already had 12.7 Gripen C (the most OP plane in the game according to a lot of six ER slinger) and if it receives fox three along with other it will be very good plane or CF-18A or Australian F-18 Typhoon seem too much for game at the moment
Sea Harrier with AMRAAM also nice choices

We do
The Mig 29k would be great

No we don’t. It would be USSR lite with colourful camouflages.

From what i can remember there is a difference in avionics between the FOC and IOC. The IOC has older avionics(non touch screen MFD) and it also lacks a 23mm cannon. The FOC has a cannon with about 400 rounds(not sure about this).
Source: A family friend who is a Tejas Mk1 pilot(his squadron is equipped with the IOC version)

No non British anything in the UK tech tree please.

I think there are a lot of good vehicle options with unique combinations of western, Indian and Russian technologies. I wish there was a separate TT nation for India but Gaijin seems to be hellbent on adding them to the GB TT. Honestly I think its not that bad either. UK gets a good 4th and 4.5 gen fighter jet lineup and tanks other than the Chally.

Not at all. Yes there were a lot of Soviet aircraft in Indian service(literally all the Mig2X series of fighters), but there were also other aircraft such as the Folland Gnat(which hasn’t been added to the game yet), Canberra, HF24 Marut(first Indian indigenous fighter jet), Ajeet(another indigenous aircraft).

Even the 4th gen fighters which were bought from Russia had indigenous modifications and weapon systems. The Su30MKI and Mig29K can utilise a lot of weapon systems that you won’t find in the Russian TT. I agree that the Rafale and Mirage2000 probably shouldn’t be added, but if Taiwan is getting a Mirage2000 then why the hell not. Its too early for Rafale but honestly the upgraded Mig21 Bison, Su30MKI, Tejas(Mk1 and later Mk1A), Mig29K, Jaguar MAX should all be eventually added to the tree

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Luftwaffe and Budeswehr actually used those tanks and aircraft as well so no u cant take those away.
Thats why FRG and GDR are the exception.

Im getting beyond sick and tired of the dilution of tree’s uniqueness due to the implementation of massive amounts of copy pastes in all trees.

Its also a massive issue in sim, where mixed nations lead to accidental teamkills and getting kicked from the game, particularly in air, where the literal only way to IFF someone is with your radar in search mode.

This suggestion is horrible, the gripen should also be removed, but arguably a bit more ok, because both sweden and britain are technically conventionally BLUEFOR nations (though WT matchmaker screws that up sometimes.

Mixed battles has always been bad, and adding mixed nation vehicles into tech tree’s just forces us into unavoidable mixed battles.

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I never wanna catch this guy complaining about copy-paste


Something we can agree on. These constant copy pastes disincentivizes me from playing more nations when I know that what I can find in one tree will be found in other trees.

While it is cheap and cost effective to just spam F-16s, Gripens, and etc. into many different tech trees, it also removes any incentive for me as a customer to buy premiums and grind new vehicles in other tech trees if a tech tree I play already has the same vehicles.


Poonited Kingdom

That’s what they call modern day India

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Good old racism


If only indigenous stuff, sure. If not, no, and why should India even be added to the game?

I agree with you on this. Add indigenous vehicles as well as versions of vehicles with unique weapon combinations(Su30MKI with Astra[which is basically a better R77] and ASRAAMs for example). No one wants more copy-pastes.

And as for why India should be added; its one of the largest and most capable air-forces in the world right now. It was ranked third after the USAF and USN in terms of capability by WDMMA. It has over 700 fighter jets, with most having received indigenous upgrade packs and integrated with weapon systems.

If it were upto me, India would be clubbed with some other commonwealth nations and made into a separate tech tree. But because Gaijin said hey fuck you, you are in the Brit TT now, we all have to make do with that.

WDMMA states in the 2024 report y’all are the 6th strongest… Behind all the US branch and Russia.

Also, no, India should not get a separate tree, it would be a China like nation but worse since there were very few domestic vehicles to start the early ranks with until like Tier V, especially for Tanks. I’m tired of the Copy Paste- I hardly need more with India.

At best, as seen with events and stuff, slightly modified vehicles without a mainstay nation go the nation the tank originally hails from. So India to either Russia or GB, preferably split amongst the two depending on whether the chassis of origin is British or Russian.

Edit: show me a tree for India that uses exclusively indigenous vehicles, and then maybe. But that means no T-90s, T-72s, Centurions, etc. No Sukhois, no MiGs. If you show me one with enough actual content to be added, then sure, I’ll support it.

Okay my bad
I was reading from the google cliff-notes. I stand corrected.

Hey look, I am not asking for a completely new tech tree nation, just a sub-tree along with other commonwealth nations like Canada, Australia, NZ and Singapore. I don’t want India to be split between UK and Russia. I want it to be a part of a new tech tree. I think everyone here would like that.