Increased base healthpoints in Sim EC

Not a feature. It’s a cast iron, 100%, guaranteed screw up. Gaijin used to have AI bombers that worked perfectly well every time. Any bugs had been worked out (eg, on Sicily one side would always miss the base, while the other side’s bombers always hit and destroyed it). They screwed it up and months/years later bombers still haven’t reverted to the previous logic. Bad enough to introduce a broken feature, but to break a feature that was working well and then do nothing about it… just crass incompetence. Their most inept change ever (so far). This is why they should mostly ‘do nothing’ to EC.

Edit: ok, I can’t totally rule out the possibility it is actually a feature and someone at Gaijin really thinks milling around in the middle of the map is ‘more realistic’ than bombing a target and turning for home.

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Could have been a change to stop EvE winning a match. But no reason for them to commit suicide

Aaaand the AAA is back to dome of death status. Even M113’s are tering me a new butthole with .50cals the moment I get within aggro range in A-10A

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