Increase RP gotten on death

Increasing the RP gotten on death to make the grind somewhat bareable you get more rp with 2 assists and winning than with 6 kills and dying

Sure, why not give everyone a free Abrams tank?


Maybe an increase if they die to CAS.

Dying to CAS is just kinda… sad. Frustrating even.

Screenshot 2024-02-18 080119
Im about to get a free Abrams tank XD

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You are really breaking the topic with your length-comparisons. Can’t you just do this in private?

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Already did

I don’t know why he keeps finding all of my posts and harassing me, but I’m sick of it.

I still have like 150K to go :/

So what I’m hearing is that you want a higher reward for doing less?

Then stop being wrong :3

Botters will love you