Increase RP acquisition

RP acquisition is extremely difficult, especially in Ground battles.
After fighting 11:41 with AM32 without amulets, the average RP per kill/assist was even less than 1000. (There is a Premium Account and the game wins). And some vehicles have RP requirements of hundreds of thousands just for modifications.
Please increase the amount of RP obtained. Or at least increase the RP rewards provided by Premium Account. Premium Account is not cheap. But he did not make it easy for me to obtain RP, and the process of obtaining RP is still very long.


You have to realize that RP are not given for direct actions.

RP is proportional to activity times time.

Oh, of course I know this stupid design.
If a full 11 minute battle cannot guarantee an average profit of 1000, how long will it take? You should know that even if each kill can earn 1000RP, obtaining 100000RP requires 100 kills. Now, after completing the kill, I still need to ensure that this game won’t end too soon? My dear friend, killing is advancing the progress of the game. The more I kill, the faster the game will end. Foolishly, this means that I get less RPs.
Obviously, the battle time is not something I can decide. Correlating combat time with RP is inherently a very poor design.
In my opinion, Gaijin should directly redo the entire RP system. But it is obvious that they will not do so. Because they have always been lazy and arrogant, and there are also many loyal believers who tolerate all their evil deeds. So now I can only hope that they can improve a bit.
I am like a beggar now. Begging Gaijin, the chef, to cook me a delicious meal - after I had taken a large sum of money. But in fact, they won’t even glance at this article because they don’t care about this community at all.


RP need to increase by about x10 to scale with the increased RP requirements.


They should give the whole game for free. Not just ten times faster.

That sounds like Gaijin logic.

We can’t increase RP because you’d research everything in the game in 2 weeks.


Ten times is indeed a bit exaggerated. Producers do need players to spend more time on this game. I think it should be at least twice as much as it is now.

I mean is it? Right now we have the same RP income as we did 10 years ago, but in that same time they added hundreds of millions of RP.


That’s a 100 million RP in the last few years alone.

If we earn 8k per match and we have 20 million RP in vehicles to research, how is it exaggerated to suggest we should be making 10x more RP if there’s 10x more RP to research? That’s just 1:1 scaling.


And how do these things relate? It should get cheaper, because there is more? If my baker offers more variety, bread should get cheaper? You offer no logical connection.

Are you supposed to collect bread or something? That has nothing to do with a game.
If you’re going to increase the amount of vehicles it makes sense to scale the game accordingly yes, MMOs that increase the level cap also adjust scaling.

Gaijin balances RP around their vehicle acquisition rate, it’s stupid to not adjust that when the amount of vehicles vastly increases.


You’ve got that totally wrong, it’s more like your earn 30k a year and in the first year you only needed 200k to buy everything you need… Now 10 years on your still earning 30k but you need 2 million to get everything you need.

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Actually we have probably about 50% of what we started with. That is ON TOP OF the point you’re making here.

This obviously depends on your needs. I can have a much higher “standard of living” now than I had 8 years ago. I can now play over a thousand vehicles, I don’t have to reearn them.

“I have a thousand planes, I still lack ten.”

That is my reality. And honestly, I am fine with that. A few days ago, it was 12.

I won’t mind the RP problem if you only had to research the next vehicle, because that’s what the game is about; you have fun playing tanks and you unlock the next one. It’s not a big issue if the tank you’re playing is fun because you’d be glad of playing it instead of just grinding.

My problem is the modifications. Stock tanks are just a pain that offers nothing but suffering to the person playing it. And that’s when RP is a problem for me because it takes ages to just have a playable tank …

Keep the RP income the same, but remove modifications.

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Good luck starting today.

We can’t increase our vehicle acquisition rate because giving you more RP means you obtain all the vehicles in the game in a few weeks, because the only alternative to 5k per game 500k RP per game apparently.


Yes Ground and also one that is often ignored Naval even with premium and premium vehicles the RP rewards are pathetic they really need to increase them. ARB is fine, you can make pretty good rp in that mode especially with premium time and premium vehicles but even without it if your decent you can make a good amount.