Increase observation range with CAS

the plane’s camera is almost useless since even if you keep out of the range of the AA you cannot scan the ground looking for targets, since a maximum rendering has been set on the view, where the game does not allow you to see the enemies not even the AA beyond a certain radius, so if you are an F-16 at more than 10km altitude and 15 from the battlefield and you want to identify a target you are at a very disadvantage since they instead see your trail perfectly in the sky. Now I ask myself, why do we need to create these disparities? the player with AA literally has a sign in the sky of where I am, while I have to look for the targets, so this is already a penalty, once identified I have to go within range of bomb or missile launches, while he certainly already has the lock on me and he has probably already shot, since I am a moving object and therefore I will surely drop the bomb or the missile while I am approaching and therefore already within the range of the AA, furthermore I have to maintain the lock otherwise the camera will miss the target, all while having to avoid getting hit. they need to increase the texture loading radius to identify enemies, because if they see me I have to be able to see them, this is the principle


oh no you poor cas player.



don’t take it badly op, but have you ever played top tier spaa ?

rendering for AA is 15km or so i think, and tanks is 10.
except maybe for pantsir, and that is still a maybe, no AA can hit you if you manage your plane well


listen friend, if you have to come to the forum to annoy people you can also avoid it, because then you’re just pathetic, and then they’re right to say that wt’s user base is toxic. I’m bringing up a serious discussion, so you’re not welcome

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the most op and handheld mechanic in the game “suffering” cant be a serious discussion.

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currently I use xm975 as AA, and I can see the trails from very far away even if I can’t hook them, a pantsir would be different because it can hook from further away. The point is that I can see the plane, but the plane has no idea that I’m looking at it and waiting for it to come into range. so if I’m in the plane I have to be able to scan the terrain to identify the targets, but the game doesn’t render the terrain, and I have the settings at maximum so it’s not a hardware factor but a game one.

I have never used the term suffering, but disadvantage, and it is different. so eliminate this tone of conceit that is used in this toxic forum, get off your pedestal and examine the problem because, the problem is obvious and should be resolved. furthermore, I don’t ask to be able to lock onto enemies from further away, but only to be able to see the ground and what is above it since an AA can see my trail even if he can’t shoot me, but at least he knows where I am instead I have to wait for the rendering to allow me to see the enemy tanks in the field and then I can search for objectives, but when this happens I am already within range of the AA, who already knew I was coming. furthermore, the idea of ​​dropping guided bombs involves being at high altitude, other unconventional tactics are at the player’s discretion, but the idea of ​​having 4 guided bombs is to be able to drop them at high altitude, but first I have to be able to see what I have to do hit.

Agreed render range are now total load of BS recent match I don’t see pantsir but i know where he shooting at because of his missile (that around 20KM) from him but but but i can see KA50 that around 30KM from my targeting pods how that even possible that I don’t see big ass truck that try to kill me 20KM away from me but can see helicopters that did even look at me from 30KM like crystal clear?
For me it annoying as hell like oh you wanna kill pantsir? You need to be in it range first in order to see it but they can see you like 30KM away

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if you are an F-16 and you know what you are doing, the whole enemy team may as well J out since they cant do anything against 6 Mavericks and 2 GBUs and Aim-9L/Ms
although i agree render distances are way worse for aircraft but the 16 has a LITENING ? targeting pod. imagine those aircraft that have to spot targets with the Eyeball Mk 1 targeting pod

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that’s right, if this is complicated with an F-16 try thinking with all the other planes. you just reinforced the fact that this is a problem

uh yes?

yes because I have the same problem with the f4 when I have to engage the mavericks and the RWR sounds for a patsir but I don’t see it and I can’t engage it myself and try to shoot. but the problem is not the type of AA, but a limitation put in place to limit the player, because the problem was only created for ground vehicles, since if an enemy plane was at the same distance 10 meters from the ground above the enemy AA, I would see the plane but not the AA


even with thermal gen3 like DAMOCLES on Mirage 2000-5F can’t see further than LITENING II despite it have the best aircraft targeting pod thermal.

it is in fact a core game “feature”.
To be fair i’m not necessarily against removing it.

For pantsirs, the trail doesn’t matter because your plane can be seen by radar anyway.
The RWR should tell you (depending on the plane you use) a pantsir is active (little “S1” indicator)

Defeating a pantsir is quite easy :

  • Go high, but not too much, you still want some speed and some dense air to maneuver, 5K meters is usually enough. If you’re in top tier, you can try flying a bit eratically, but with gentle maneuvers, to avoid any far range shot from enemy AA while keeping your speed
  • search for the spawns with your pod, or near it, AAs are usually here.
  • Lock it, and fire an AGM or a LGB, whan you are 10 km or so from battlefield, do not go further.
  • Turn 70° off and make sure your pod keeps tracking.
  • if the pantsir fires at you, pitch the nose down and up erratically, the missile just won’t keep up if you’re more than 8 clicks away.
  • enjoy the view as the pantsir gets obliterated to atoms

note : if you don’t find a target on the pod, once you reach 9-10 km away from battlefield, start orbitting it, while keeping that 10km distance. You can still search with the pod while doing it. At that distance, every target will appear on your pod too.
You can also fire a bomb or a missile at the spawn if you are sure an AA is nearby, then turn 70° and lock it right after (requires laser guidance however)

Basically what i’m trying to say is :

The plane should NOT come into range, you have to stay in that grey area where you are in the maximum range of the AA but where their missiles are effectively useless.

Note that against anything that isn’t a pantsir, it’s even easier. Now if the ennemy AA is competent, it may start destroying your agms, and then an interesting game of cat and mouse starts X)

Maybe I didn’t explain myself well, the problem isn’t with the pod, but with a script in the game, made so that you can’t see enemies on the ground beyond a certain distance. paradoxically, if there was a plane 20km above an AA, you would see it, because it is not affected by the script

You wouldnt. Planes stop rendering for AA at about 12-15km depending on size. After that you just shoot missle onto the radar lock box and pray the plane is still there.

this is if it is below 5300/5400 meters but above you would see the white trail

No offence but who play top tier plane now if you have drones or helicopter and destroy the op team with atgm from safe distance. The only planes i see in top tiers are either Mig-29, SU-25K, F-16 and SU-39. Planes are become rare with spaa like Pantsir or Tor killing planes unless the op team know they are facing no spaa like Pantsir/Tor or limited spaa then they will take the risk to jump into plane.

the problem is Render range is annoying me Pantsir can see every jet like more than 20KM aways but i don’t all i see is empty ground shooting SAM at me from the pod but i don’t see the big ass truck that try to kill me and that put all the point on Keen vison and awareness plus ace crew i still see a god damn empty ground shooting SAM at me

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