Increase Max Altitude Ceiling

Right now the “soft” ceiling is approximately 83.5k feet, any higher will trigger a return to battlefield after a couple seconds. The hard ceiling in a zoom climb is around 90k feet, which will immediately force a respawn at a lower alt. With the introduction of high alt high performance fighters and long range missiles, can we see an increase in that height ceiling? At least to 100k ft

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I don’t think that’s needed.
No aircraft with radar missiles can sustain at the current ceiling anyway.
Sustained is currently ~16,000 meters, 9000 meters below ceiling.

isnt the effective ceiling at around 20km?

Oi, get back here!

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Bro what aircraft are you using at 27km and WHY???
Like the service ceiling of the F-15 is only 20km! Even the MiG-25 is only rated for 24km!

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You’d never need to fly higher but I think it would still be pretty cool, just to see how high you can get

New mode, race to space.

Which isn’t completely on the aircraft though. At least recently with the F-15 I noticed that it is severely underperforming at altitude and after some looking around it does seem like performance is really poorly simulated past ~10km alt.

I really don’t care where the back to battlefield thing is, but I want accurate performance at all altitudes. It might be an engine limitation, but if it is it should be something to work on in the next version of the engine.

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