Increase available time spent on airplane at arcade?

Usually time ends to use fighter airplane so soon, 30seconds? U might get 1-2 airplane drop in that time, usually your “lucky” to get 1drop. Time feels just way too damn short, think it should be 1.5longer or 2x and still balanced&give enough different ppl airtime i think

Time is enough to kill every plane as long as Gaijin doesn’t decide to give you a much slower plane at a greater distance. The problem is not the time you got to use the fighter, it’s the whole mechanic that is purely controlled by Gaijin to give an advantage to a certain team/player.
Previously, planes in both teams would spawn facing each other and there was always the chance to intercept the bombers/attackers or to protect them(kill the enemy interceptors), then it got changed to the ridiculous situation we currently have where you either spawn too far from each other without having any chance to stop bombers/attackers, or you spawn too close without any chance of survival of the bombers/attackers, or when you have enemy planes spawning behind your own spawn. The biggest factor of success or failure for CAS in Ground Arcade is where and how each plane spawns, not the skill of the pilots, or the time you can use them.

Yeah, spawns now are just ridiculously stupidly based mostly :>. I Fully agree. It should be something else

Agreed, The air arcade games are way to short

This thread is not about Air Arcade but about using fighters in Ground Arcade.