Increase 3rd Person View Distance

I did a search and did not see any references to this.

Is there a way or we need a way to increase the distance you can view from behind in 3rd person view. Specifically in ground vehicles where just a few scaled meters / yards would make a huge difference to visual pleasure.

I find myself backing up into objects because there is literally no vision of the ground or objects. Yes there is a C view I could swing around but just the closeness of the rear end of the vehicle is too close.

Can this be done?

I don’t find any problems with it, what is your resolution?

I feel like it would be exploited to see around corners even more. You can see around corners with the current 3rd person view using the free look camera already. If the view distance was any further it could give larger camera coverage some may feel is unfair.

I have not seen it, but if they added a reverse camera view for ground vehicles like they have for aircraft, would that be enough? Instant rear view.

Im not exactly against the idea If it was only used for rear view viewing. Maybe limiting the angles.

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I play in 2k resolution.

@Wooserloop I did’t think about the look around corners, but maybe just further back when directly / 45 degrees each side from the dead centre back?

Lol no, if you want satelite image of your tank so you can see behind whole buildings there is another tank game. If you are backing up you need to check whats behind you, simple logic…

You can raise your camera with artillery view tho.