Inconsistent display of models in hangar

Noticed a lot if not all of the Russian and some Chinese top tier tanks have their barrel aimed down in the hangar, whilst NATO vehicles have their barrel neutral or even elevated.

Kinda unfortunate because this makes it so that the barrel is somewhat covering a common weakspot in the protection analysis.

Don’t really understand why vehicles are not setup equally with this, I assume it’s not intentional but it’s a bit odd.




Later Soviet tanks had their turrets installed slightly declined to increase the depression slightly without having to make the turret larger. It’s probably that that does it.

That’s interesting.

I thinks it’s just you when I look at my high tier Russian tanks the gun is level.

But it is interesting not gonna lie.

I think there is a pretty clear visual difference at least.

Yeah I saw the other pictures I just don’t have that problem so maybe something is different with mine.

You would think they would set all elevation to 0 degrees relative to the ground but whatevah.

I mean that would be the logical thing to do, you’d have to go out of your way to lower the depression I’d think.
It seems some NATO vehicles are actually slightly above neutral whilst others are several degrees below.