Inconsistent atmospheric conditions

The atmospheric conditions are distorted based on the vehicle you use, using an airplane ora a heli, you will have more fog in bad weather whereas if you use a ground vehicle, you will have less fog and you will see aerial vehicles much better. the 2 things must correspond equally for both

  1. Do you have evidence of this? I’ve never heard of it or seen it myself in games where I drove/piloted both types of vehicles.

  2. Why “must” they correspond equally, anyway?

in case of rain if you use an airplane you will have very poor visibility, same thing with the helicopter, but from the ground you will have much more field of vision available. you can try it, it’s nothing invented. also from the ground you are able to see the black pixel of where an aerial aircraft is even though there are clouds. as soon as I have a game where I can show the difference I will add the images, but if you want you can test with custom battles.

Yeah by evidence I meant like screenshots, for example. Not just for the sake of “evidence” but just to see how significant of a difference it is too.

But also, there was a second question:

  1. Why “must” they correspond equally, anyway?

In other words, “So what if they are different from one another?” Planes already have a massive advantage. Getting a small disadvantage in visibility is probably quite good for balance. if anything, they should probably make it even MORE different. Even up to the point of putting auto-spotting on the map for planes visible to tanks like arcade, but not spotting of tanks for planes.

it should be fair as the clouds are very low and above it you cannot have any kind of visibility which forces you to fly below, and the visibility is very poor due to the fog. with the helicopter it is simpler because using thermal vision this problem is eliminated, and the stationary flight helps, but with airplanes it is different, the altitude and speed do not allow a clear identification of the targets, while on the ground you can clearly see the target that is flying, even above the clouds due to a bug that shows a black dot, so just point at the target, lock on and shoot. Currently I haven’t had any matches that have these weather conditions but as soon as I can, as I said, I will post the screens

CAS is wildly wildly imbalanced and unfair. So no, you don’t actually believe that at all. If you wanted fairness, you’d be advocating for various additional nerfs to CAS, not removal of nerfs.