Inconsistencies in object destructibility

Can we dedicate an update to equalize all the different objects, fences and decor to react equally across all the maps? Many objects that cannot be destroyed by some MGs on one map, similar objects can be destroyed on other maps, MGs that can mow down entire forests and others that can’t knock down a bush.

It’s great the game has been around as long as it has, but it’s clear that old and new objects aren’t designed equally and there are a lot of differences between maps and vehicles.

Warthunder clearly has an obsession with fences in practically every map in the game, the inability to consistently destroy them can very negatively affect a plethora of vehicles, especially at higher BRs where they often ‘are forced to’ rely on HEATFS or other shells that will be triggered on these fences, bushes, trees and other objects.

Being unable to clear these objects because happen to be playing on a newer map is just silly.

A 7.92 passing straight through this pillar.

A 7.62 getting blocked by it

Fence blocking the 12.7mm on the Type 60.

Bullets passing straight through without interaction on this fence.

No problem knocking down this fence.

Or this one

7.7 can’t knock down these pillars.

But can annihilate these ones.

Cannot knock down this fence though, passing straight through.

I’m sure you can find countless of examples of this in other maps and in regards to trees and bushes as well.


Also fix the hitboxes for buildings. I remember the ones on Ardennes were especially atrocious at one point. A spindly rain gutter should not be able to stop a 120/125mm sabot travelling at 1700m/s