Inaccurate or poor representation of the Turkish T129 ATAK

I noticed that there is a poor representation of Turkish helicopters in War Thunder and the premium was removed. I’m a user of the T129 ATAK and I noticed a lot of inaccurate features from real-life T129 or the lack thereof. First off the T129 had missile approach warning systems, and a radar warning receiver, along with better L-UMTAS ATGM performance, The missile does not go 180m/s I can say that it would NOT go 402mph in real life. The helicopter with the bugs fixed would change the helicopter a lot but wouldn’t break the game, it wouldn’t be a Ka-50 after all. Each helicopter is different and I find it sad that this one is bugged like its Italian counterpart the A129CBT when it first came out. These simple fixes would help the helicopter and I know you’re adding Hungarian Mi-24 variants with one being a copy-paste of the German one, but the T129 represents the Turkish arms military and it’s sad to see them miserable because of the helicopter’s poor performance.