In realistic - I have a 6.3 lineup of tanks no a/c, How does a 9.0 A2D-1 get into my match?

As the title says how does a 9.0 get into a 6.3 fight - max would be 7.3 at worst?

Or are a/c allowed to be that much higher in Realistic?

cheers Griz

Its BR is 7.0 in realistic; 9.0 is the arcade BR.

That’s crazy that it’s 9.0 in arcade

That’s the Holy Cow Balance!

In the arcade air battles, if I remember correctly, you’re more likely to be matched with aircraft from the same era.

Oh ok

Ki-84 (7.7) vs MiG-21 (8.7)

Same era?

What the

I think in air arcade above 8.7 it should just be a mosh pit of all BRs up to top tier. Way more fun.

At least when I was playing arcade at those BRs, most A2D players just climbed to space then bombed stuff from orbit, due to the fact that arcade provides a bomb sight and bomb reload, so they would basically be untouchable and racked up loads of points, research and lions.

You had to ask me? No!

You should read the thread from the beginning, answer by answer. Then you might be able to make sense of my answer…

That makes sense. I hate people who turn into satellites…

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This just isn’t true.


Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11-53-01 Me 163 B-0 - War Thunder Wiki

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11-53-20 MiG-23BN (Germany) - War Thunder Wiki

I think it was, back in the days when I played air-arcade with props, some years ago.

That has to be very long ago. Arcade BRs have been trash since forever.

Dang, I guess I never realized the 163 was 8.7

If the RB BR shocks you take a look at the AB BR.

Nah RB BR doesn’t shock me