In air battles there are still people who hide to win games

there are too many people running away to corners of the map, waiting for the mission time to run out, to save themselves from a kill or because the points are in their favor. gaijin needs to develop a method to prevent people from running away and being forced to compare regardless of whether they are ahead with points. the solution could be that when you remain 1vs1 the players are visible for a few seconds, or that the game can only end with the killing of one of the 2. running away waiting for the time to expire SHOULD NOT BE AN OPTION.

I urge you to avoid phrases like -shoot down vehicles on the ground, and lower your opponent’s points- because if you have a fighter without bombs, destroying tanks or pillboxes is impossible. therefore we are looking for a solution that must put the players in the position of necessarily having to fight.

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because you have a fighter and he has a bomber, the game must force him to give you an easy frag and victory because you want it that way? There are a lot of vehicles in the game that are not competitive with others and that is why they have ground targets, bases, and airports to be useful for anything.

Whether the situation you describe is fair or not is another matter. There are too many vehicles in the game that can fight each other and at the same time there is such a thing as a “team”, so the burden of winning falls on everyone, if they didn’t do something, you bear the consequences. If you do little and they do more, you are the beneficiary of the reward for winning.

There are several ways to win the game and winning on tickets is one of them.


Return to base, change ammo.

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with a C.202 what do you want me to change??? It’s a fighter not a ground attack aircraft

Yet it works!

we were left 3 against one, 2 A20G who were better than the P47G, who ran away all the time, leaving his 2 A20G allies to fight against me, managing to almost destroy me twice but I managed to take them both down. after which I started searching for p47, that cowardly rabbit was 20km away from me. I would have probably even managed to shoot him down in a fight, but he preferred to run away like a coward all the time because I couldn’t shoot down the ground vehicles with 2 7.62s and 2 12.7s

I would really like to see how you manage to take down a casemate and a medium tank with the C.202 armament

So you are saying that your side had lost the ability to deal a killing blow and could no longer stop the enemy ground offensive? Sorry, but then you have lost. There is no point in twisting the rules so that you still win. Why should you win?

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wouldve hit harder if you had just replied to that quote and poasted the pic underneath lol

Had to do it first. Would be easier at the end of the match, with red team absent.

@HYPNOSYS2002 @Dodo_Dud in addition to being know-it-alls, you aren’t even able to understand a text, did I mention light pillbox? I said casemates, and you can’t destroy those with the c.202, so before answering, go back to school because obviously you aren’t even capable of reading.

because it’s called realistic air battle in a pvp game, so it’s assumed that if you have a P-47 armed with 8 12.7 you are perfectly capable of having an air combat, instead of running away like a coward, plus leaving your squad with 2 A20Gs dogfighting in your place to try to defend themselves from my attacks while the coward ran away. consequently I could have perfectly won the match since I was knocking down the whole team, and I probably would have knocked down the p-47 too if he had faced me, or I would have lost because he knocked me down, but at least we would have faced each other. as far as I’m concerned, if we remain 1vs1 it must end in a fight, unless one of the 2 is a bomber, then in that case I can understand that the situation could be to the advantage of the attacker.

The game has no casemates in air battles.
A casemate is a fortified gun emplacement or armored structure from which guns are fired. (Wikipedia)
A C202 can destroy all gun emplacements in arcade or realistic.

But yes, you can’t destroy ‘casemates’ with a C202 because there are none. I dared assume that you tried to make sense with what you wrote. Sorry then, you win.

You lost when you pursued individual glory and let your last ground-attack capable plane on your side die, then. Should have escorted them better. In that situation, “you had one job”.

Mechanics of ARB are bad, yes but forcing bombers to do anything more than what they’re capable of (bombing) won’t help make them any better. As others have said, they need a path to a win too.

Besides, why seek air combat if the other side doesn’t force it and you win without? It would be foolish.

First of all - respect that you fly the totally overtiered C 202.

After reading your post and watching the replay of your match i see no reason for you to complain.

You simply lost the match as your team was even worse than that of the enemy. Losing 2 own fighters on the forward af (without af aaa cover) is just stupid. -

Taking off with 7 minutes left and having an altitude disadvantage of 2.000 meters and a 20 km gap vs the last enemy in a P-47 - u never had a chance to catch or to kill him. Especially as he played strictly BnZ the whole match.

And your ticket disadvantage resulted mainly as your 3 bombers decided to crash (1 stupid, 1 on purpose) or not to react to enemies approaching - so their team killed 3 bases (=mission objective) and your team 0 bases. In addition they killed 10 ai ground units (= mission objective) and your team 0 ai ground units.

And tbh - i have zero clue how you even survived that long - highly risky (and imho unnecessary) headon with a 6 0.50 cals (damage), getting shot to pieces by a friendly Spitfire (almost dead) and 2 times tailchasing A-20 Gs which outrange your Bredas (severe damage). You had more than luck this game.

I am not sure if you have even noticed that a friendly 190 shot 2 times at you right after take off - with using his cockpit view you might see that he actually aimed at you…

…with PvP elements.

And you last enemy saw no use in giving you a chance to rescue a lost match - why should he throw away his team efforts to gain thius ticket advantage?
Claiming that he ran away the whole time is also not correct. After scoring 2 kills and 2 assists he simply rearmed and gained altitude - hence he had a massive alt advantage after 18 minutes.

Well deserved loss for ur team.

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Yeah, this lowkey annoying af. Only thing worse then those are airfield camper, unfair fighters (ie. Sk-60/Saab 105 with no guns or ammo), and satellite player. (In my personal experience)

I just kill ground targets and out-ticket them cause it’s not hard.

yes I had seen him, and in fact I didn’t move on purpose, so if he had knocked me down I would also have the video

I know the C.202 well and that’s why I can survive for a long time with this plane most of the time, I was still playing with it at the beginning of WT when the Italians were in the German branch, I know where and how to shoot and overall it’s a plane that suits me it brings satisfaction in combat, despite the fact that at its own BR there are planes with superior armament. However, it has good performance in terms of maneuverability, speed and climb rate

Always nice to see Italian planes. Revisit the SM 92 - use joystick instead of mouse and clap XP-50s. A beast in 1 vs 1s, just avoid headons and stay high…

Usually i would say good luck for your next matches - but imho u had enough luck for a whole week in one match, so better teams in your next matches!

I think if your ground attackers play their role foolishly or the fighters do nothing to protect them, it shows your team couldn’t accomplish what the other team could, thus you lose.