Improving the player base in War Thunder

I think one way to open up the game to more people is the reduce the grind. New vehicles come out in different tech trees and i want to try them out, but since it take so long to get to a spot unless its a lower rank vehicle its off putting to want to do that. I Can get a premium to help grind up the tree but playing one or 2 vehicles constant to get to the end goal is well boring. They may make the premium vehicle plus premium time and maybe a little bit of money from getting the crew to speed but it can loose a customer as well.

I have the American tree ground/air/heli done and that took a long time. I wanted to get the Soviet tree done so i bought the br 10 lineup ( on sales and not the newest br10 tank ) to grind out the tree as fast as i can, but its burned me out. Im not having fun and war thunder has become a job that i pay money too instead of doing it just having fun.

I know they have a roadmap of changes but they need to really overall the the progression. I know they make their money with premium time and selling $75 pixel planes to people and thats fine, but if you want a bigger player base and more people that want to buy the premium vehicles having a faster process to be able to play all vehicles in the game tech tree would solve some of the burn out and get more value out of the premium vehicles


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The best thing Gaijin can do is to sell premiums in lineups of at least 3 vehicles rather than a single tank. That way people who are willing to pay to skip at least are given a full lineup to help their team. If people are willing to pay $70 for one tank I’m sure they’re willing to pay $120 for 3, since copy paste vehicles are now fine there’s no reason Gaijin can’t sell packs of a Medium / Light / SPAA for each nation.

An interesting fact is the tech tree was designed for player getting enough skill as they reach higher and higher level to guarantee their skill could handle high-tier matches, but it looks like somehow T6 and T7 match with premiums need less skill to expert


High tier just requires less skill in general, the differences between tanks are much smaller compared to mid tier tanks, and several things all high tier tanks have just made the game much easier and take skill out of the equation.

Every tank has a stab, very similar reload, similar mobility, and similar weakspots.


Suggestion: make battles era-specific, i.e. WW2, Korea, Indo-Pakistan, Vietnam, 60s, 70s, 80s NATO, etc. I find the combination of vehicles that match BR ratings, but not chronologically correct technology to be problematic: “I’m glad I was born in the 60s so I could become a 13B field artillery cannoneer and shoot the crap out of Tiger tanks in the 80s with an M109!”

yup, i mostly agree with everything…

At over 5,000 in game hours… and still NOT having all tanks/ground forces is complete insanity… mix with absurdity and how pathetic that gaijin has let it come to this (it shouldnt even be close… i should have ALL ground vehicles, at less than 2,000 hours, and crew XP is also stupidly/pathetically low, which that should also be well over maxed out by now, but instead its not even 1/4th through)

Hopefully the proposed changes help with this… but i have a bad feeling it will be like a 10% boost… when we need a 10 Times boost, or higher (or have the costs reduced by 10x, etc)