Improvements when Spawning in

Can something be changed when initially spawning into game. Its getting tiresome trying to get out of spawn only to be T Boned by a player want to go a different way, spawning behind an absent player and in general the rush out of spawn being like the 1st corner of any Grand Prix. Most maps have 2 spawn points, yet the amount of times its 15 in one and 1 on the other. Something really needs to be improved.

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It’s the worst when you are in a cruiser. Some maps just have one cruiser spawn, so when you get in a game you are packed like stupid sardines. There is nowhere to go, but forward or stop and wait for the herd to pass, but then you get still more people spawning behind you.
The other day I played torpedo boats. Now, there is a “feature”, if you bump into something your boat gets damaged. You spawn, bump into someone else and sayanora 20% of your boat health. Huh?
Another fun event I had couple of weeks ago. Someone in a destroyer t-boned my Moffett. Guess what? I simply sank after couple of seconds. I bet the guy didn’t even get penalized for a teamkill.