Improved Gameplay Experience: Option to Disable Adverse Weather Conditions

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Hello war thunder players!
I’ve been thinking about how weather conditions can significantly impact our in-game experiences. While the dynamic weather system in War Thunder adds realism and variety to battles, there are times when it can become a bit challenging to fully enjoy the game, especially when you’re faced with adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, or dense fog.

I’d like to suggest the introduction of an option in the game settings that allows players to disable these adverse weather conditions and play exclusively in clear, calm weather. Picture this: a beautiful day with clear skies, no wind, and perfect visibility throughout the entire battle.

Here are a few reasons why this option could enhance our overall gaming experience:

  1. Improved Visibility: Adverse weather conditions often reduce visibility, making it harder for players to spot enemies and engage in strategic gameplay. Playing in clear weather would level the playing field and allow players to rely on skill rather than the limitations imposed by poor visibility.
  2. Enhanced Aircraft Performance: Piloting in clear weather conditions would provide a more accurate representation of aircraft performance without the influence of strong winds or turbulent weather. This can lead to more precise control and maneuvering during battles.
  3. Reduced Frustration: Let’s face it, there are moments when the weather seems to be against us, causing frustration and hindering our enjoyment of the game. Allowing players to choose clear weather can reduce this frustration and contribute to a more enjoyable gaming experience.
  4. Strategic Planning: Clear weather conditions encourage strategic planning and team coordination, as players can rely on consistent visibility to execute their tactics effectively. This adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay and promotes teamwork.

I believe implementing this feature as an optional setting would cater to a broader range of player preferences. Some may enjoy the challenge of battling in adverse weather, while others might prefer the clarity of a sunny day. What are your thoughts on this? Would you appreciate the option to disable adverse weather conditions in War Thunder? Let’s discuss and share our perspectives on how this could positively impact our gaming experiences!

how long did the mods review the topic before publication?

4 weeks plus
i wrote it after “new weather” update

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Hey, comrades, who votes against. Are you really interested in those foggy battles and low-ranked night battles labeled “12:00 Day”?

Yeah, if you’re gonna give me something the NVD works in, just give me a real night battle, like I have it turned on, just give me a night battle.

Finally, someone mentioned it, bad weather makes CAS unplayable. +1

yes, definitely yes. Besides being bad to see with land vehicles it’s even worse with aircraft, I get so discouraged when it falls in foggy weather, it’s a match a match in which I won’t be able to take the su 39 as it’s useless in those conditions, it’s not possible see absolutely nothing, but that doesn’t stop an f16 from dropping a guided bomb on my head lol :D. But honestly I think this is almost impossible, it took a long time for them to add an option to make night battles optional, imagine that

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Personally I think no. Bad weather is something that happens in real life and can (and does) ground aircraft and make ground fights harder. Having bad weather is just something that people have to deal with, in the game and in real life.

Going by your points;
Improved Visibility - While yes, visibility is important, the same can be said for lack of visibility. Having low visibility for tanks means that tanks can easily sneak up on, and/or outmaneuver, their enemy and gain decisive advantages. Traversing adverse weather and using said weather to your advantage is a skill that can be learned and exploited, so it would still be skill based.
Enhanced Aircraft Performance - Piloting in clear weather is more common than adverse weather, and for good reason. Aircraft are very limited (and/or outright negated) in bad weather, because of how dangerous it is. In that sense it provides a choice for a player; stay in a tank and help the team on the ground, or get in an aircraft and attempt to be a decisive force despite the weather. Add on to this that, depending on who you ask, CAS is not fun to fight against. Bad weather discourages this, and can lead to more entertaining gameplay on the ground since you won’t get jumpscared by a low flying plane with a bomb, and thermals only work so well in bad weather.
Reduced Frustration - This one seems like such a weird take because even in clear weather the weather can be against you. The classic “nuclear sun” is always ever present. But yes, not fighting in something you don’t want to fight in would reduce frustration.
Strategic Planning - Just as clear weather encourages teamwork, so too does adverse weather. Teams need to be more adamant about communication because it is just hard to see. You can call out an enemy tank somewhere but a friendly might just not be able to see it. So you would have to work, as a team, around the weather and use it to your advantage.

I think it should be kept, but maybe chances lowered? To be honest, I haven’t seen a bad weather game in a long time so they might already be lowered. But the whole point of weather is that, in some sense, it is completely out of your control and you only have to adapt to what is thrown at you. So bad weather should stay in normal rotations, maybe under some kind of randomizer, since it can’t reasonably be expected that every battle is clear weather all the time.

I love playing CAS and killing tanks. I don’t want to get into battles where this is impossible. Also, regarding the sun, I purposefully set it to always be 12:00. The sun at its zenith doesn’t blind either side

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