Improved baz is a pathetic joke - v2. Change his loadout / radar set

TL;DR - remove baz aim120 and replace with python 4 or give hes correct radar

Why the hell give the new baz the old apg63? There are 2 versions of the improved baz. late 80’s and late 90’s which called the baz 2000.
Baz improved (late 80’s) - no aim120, apg63, python 4.
Baz improved 2000 (late 90’s) - aim120, upgraded radar and avionics, python 4.

Now in game we have a weird mutation between the two with aim120 but no improved radar with proper damn TWS mode so we can utilize his aim120. Did gaijin just mix&match?

so my suggestions is this, either give the baz meshupar hes correct radar or remove his aim120 and replace it with python 4.
Its either the improved baz from the late 80s or the new upgraded one from the late 90’s. You cant take both and mix and basically make a non existing aircraft.


They better just call it F15C Akef and give it APG-63(v)1 and thats it until adding more stuff and the next gen of f15s and f16s.

Poor decision to just leave APG 63 and still have 120A which is not effective at all with that kind of radar its not cut against the MSIP II

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It’s F-15C Baz Meshupar from isreal tech tree now

But lack GBU-31(V)1/B JDAM, GBU-15(V)2/B and SPICE 2000

Should be 12.7 BR and stop gap between F-15A Baz & F-15C Baz Meshupar


i mean yeah i guess i dont mind them really make 2 ver of the baz as u mentioned. hell i would even remove fox3 completely remove from the baz in addition for python 4. this thing will do just fine against other aircrafts
they just feel lazy or for some reason really hate israel tech tree and their domestic weapons

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I won’t remove AIM-120 AMRAAM from Baz Meshupar but AIM-9M replace by Python 4

I have a hunch that Baz Meshupar increase max BR to 13.3 in january 2025

I hope in the future gajin not lazy and add GBU-31(V)1/B JDAM, GBU-15(V)2/B and 1 domestic israel precision-guided munition (SPICE 2000) someday

u wont make them add the python 4 for the current baz we have in game right now.
i tried to talk about python 4 one week ago and the player base was absolutly outrages for the thought israel will get python 4 without other nations get 9x. iris-t, etc… ofc i would love to see both ain120 and python but it aint gonna happen untill the addition of 9X.
such a shame that israel always will be never the top nation in game because their weapons system are so “OP!!! without balance”

I support the replacement of AIM-120s with Python 4s since Israel has an arguably better Fox-3 slinger (the Barak)

Now u see an example of Israel is getting equal stuff like the USA and Japanese F15s on dev server…

even when its “equal” its getting cancelled … its a shame that its getting dunked on just because sources are not 10000% sure … even tho stuff like F-16AJ got in for the sake of balance.

Gajin not ready add Python 4 on Baz Meshupar this quarter

I predict Baz Meshupar receive Python 4 for third major update (september) or winter major update (december)

F-16C/D Block 30 & Block 40 Barak never deployed active radar homing medium-range Air-to-Air Missile but armed Python 4

In my opinion, AIM-9M sidewinder and AIM-7M Sparrow replace by Python 4 but removed Derby from F-16D Block 40 Barak II

from just reading your comment i realize how gaijin knows nothing else but to mass things up.
i mean i get it its profitable for a company to spread out the updates as they could just to milk the player base from money. but my take is release a fully baked, or not at all. this half baked releases, and later on patching things, removing and adding weapons, changing br… from a side aspect its like a kid trying to figure it out on the go what fits where.


F-16D was tested with the derby, it cannot use aim-120 and never used aim-7 sparrow