Improve the Maps (this should be #1 priority for Ground)

Gaijin really needs to fix the maps. In many ways they have gone backwards, especially for top tier ground RB. Way too many single point or two-point defend maps and many of them are so small that you basically spawn and can hit the other spawn.

This is just silly. High tier tanks do not need shoeboxes. Also minimizing cap points basically nerfs rewards you could get from multiple points with short capture and decap times.

The lifeblood of this game for ground mode, if you want to produce a good game experience and not just earn money through GE sales and premium sales, are the maps.

While too many people waste time arguing over a few more mm of pen from their gun or a few more mm of armor for their hull, or want the other guy to lose those things …the real #1 issue for ground players should be these poorly designed maps.

I also do not see it on the roadmap at all, so clearly Gaijin does not see an issue. As long as they keep pumping out vehicles all is well…it is not.

I know it will not happen, but I wish they would take action to address this foundational part of the game that has almost always been subpar, and getting worse.


So many maps in war thunder are not that good, and some are just bad.

The cap system doesn’t work for high tier tanks imo, it turns the game into a worse FPS game, and makes for very repetitive gameplay. I think it needs dynamic objectives and an EC style of gameplay to be truly good.


The entire game ios going down hill!! The game play is pathetic! such trash

Maps were ok and people were saying this. Gaijin then removed all sniper positions and made every map city map pretty much. This comunity should be careful what they wish for…

I think the vast majority of players are comfortable with the way the game is. They can always do the same thing without fear of being disturbed.
I’ll give the game as long as my Premium is still running, otherwise it was a good time and my journey will continue elsewhere.

Doing the same thing every game is simply thrilling…sad the community is so content with what the game has become gameplay-wise.

In the short term, I can understand Gaijin wanting to appeal to this target group. Because they think less before they spend money. On the other hand, I think that these players will be gone again quickly.
And once the core players have been scared away, they party is over …