Improve realistic battles

Remove external views, add crew damage from excessive maneuvers for ground vehicles. Limit bino view to stationary. Reduce HE explosion damage, shift damage to communications, sight damage and vision blocks etc. HEP should cause spall, HE should not. As a tanker for 21 years I could provide more insite if you like. Keeping it on point here.


I agree to some extent. I much prefer the limitations of Sim but no one plays it so long queue times. Limited spawns, 3rd person view, actual gunner sight instead of barrel, etc.

I also think that in bino view a modeled crew member should be exposed from the hatch and can be machined gunned externally.

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Nah, if they do that they would have to add the view of commander when buttoned up looking from cupola, periscope if it has one, or commander sight for modern vehicles. Risk of losing crew member serious, add alternative with less visibility.

That have that, called comanders view and hunter/killer tanks can fire while in commanders view.

…now you know.

The STRV122B is a good example, the commanders sight has better thermals than the gunners which is why I use it more than just gunner view or binos.

Shoulda been clearer and removed the commander sight thing, I knew about it already lol. But look at stuff like the m60, you should be able to see through all those little armor glass windows in the cupola.

OH I see, well I thnk they could just add something liek the current commander sight but limited zoom? idk but you are right those views dont exist for all tanks.

I was thinking more like the driver view with how you only see through the window or windows

Why is it that when ever someone wants to add more IRL stuff in game, they want to instantly add it realistic and not sim?

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did you not read the whole thread? No one plays Sim because queues are too long. Maybe if gaijin got rid of Russia vs everyone people would.

Sim queue is long because most people dont like the sim mechanics. Adding even more sim-like mechanics to realistic would kill realistic.

Not at all, many people like them the problem is it’s hard to get everyone to play just against Russia.

This is literally the same issue RB had with queue times when it was only ever axis vs allies. When they removed this to mixed teams queue time dropped significantly, this hasnt changed for sim, the other challenge is limited vehicles with Sim unlike RB which is every vehicle +/- 1 BR.

Look at sim now, its Everyone vs China and Russia, or Axis and Allies. 99% of the time, you have 20 people in queue but only ONE player for Russia. or you have everyone queued for the Axis and 1 or none queued for allies.

case and point


These numbers dont differ from RB queue below.


More people play realistic because they prefer those game mechanics than those that play it because sim queue is long. Add the more sim-lile stuff to sim rather than effectively removing realistic.

And yet I completely proved that wrong… run along now.

You didnt prove anything. Run along now and try another way to force people to play a gamemode they dont want to play.

Not my topic nor my point. Come back when you can comprehend. No one here is interested in debating with someone who is only here to argue for the sake of it. If you want to hear your own voice then go ahead we are all happy to add you to the ignore list.

My whole thing was putting the sim stuff in sim rather than going straight to realistic. Not my fault you cant comprehend why some would want to keep the less sim-like gamemode less sim-like than sim.

Best forum feature is the dunce filter.

No disrespect but if you were a tanker for 21 years you would know that external views make up for the absence of infantry in the game and the lack of teamwork and comms that we have in real life. Especially in WW2 and Uban warfare Troops are the eyes and ears of any tank and in WT we don’t have that.

The game has to give you a fake situational awareness to counter all the things missing in reality and it’s not reality it’s a game.

The battle scenarios are nowhere near realistic, there is no attacking defensive positions or taking up a defensive stance against an attack. Its two sides rushing each other like lunatics. Plenty of top simulators out the there for realism. Took me a long time to realise WT is not the place for it.

So we have some different opinions that fine. My response was for the devs. They have three game modes for a reason. Realistic should be more challenging than arcade. 3rd party views are Arcady. Excessively Unrealistic speed are also Arcady. Wheeled vehicles go fast on roads but not on rough terrain. People do break arms, legs, noses frequently from terrain they do not see until it’s too late. Aircraft have a hard time spotting and. hitting ground targets. None of this requires the devs to reproduce the actual specifics a each vehicle which often is not available, irrelevant or classified.

Arcade is the only game mode with tuned up engines.

We used to have this but, gaijin being gaijin, it was horribly buggy. You would just randonly have your whole crew die. Or driver.

And not everything that is realistic is fun. They had that one mechanic where a wounded pilot would pull less, due to being wounded. But it was very bad for gameplay and was removed.

If people want this kind of stuff added, I am cool with it. However, it should be added to sim first.

That is already achieved. Maybe not by your standards. We dont get enemy markers, no shell drop/pen indicator, regular engines, and, in the case of planes, wing rip.

If sim was much harder, than realistic could be made harder.