Improve matchmaking in helicopter PVE

I realized Heli-PVE is not balanced at all, when I was playing BO105 which is AB 9.7, I always met top-tier helicopters, I cant kill any target before they do, and rolands have a much farther range than my ATGM.
Heli-PVE matchmaking should be similar to Assault, it needs at least 3 levels.
For example, the lowest level should be AB 7.7~9.0 where those helicopters have limited loadouts and ATGM range.
The mid-level should be AB 9.3~10.0 where those helicopters have some decent loadouts and mid-range ATGMs.
The top level should be AB 10.3~11.0 where those helicopters have tons of loadout and long-range ATGMs. And rolands should only appear in this level.


i want you to honestly ask yourself this question, sit down or look into a mirror. Then ask yourself, do you think gaijin cares about helicopter PVE mode. Its been what two years, and its still give out literally no RP for like a 3 hour match.

Unfortunately, yeah, Heli EC was made in an afternoon as a bodge for the removal of heli PvP modes and then totally forgotten about. its not even just the bad RP rewards or matchmaking. It is literally a buggy mess with boring objectives.

And then people complain about Helis in GRB. I am 100% certain that helis would be less common in GRB if there was a decent heli gamemode. 75% of the reason why I even bothered to get to top tier in GRB was so that I could have somewhere fun (and not buggy) to fly a heli


A heli-only game mode would definitely be nice, although I’m not so sure it’ll ever be perfectly balanced as stuff with Vikhrs will just absolutely clap everything in a PvP helicopter only mode, as history has already shown. The only other avenue I can think of is if they somehow make Heli PvE actually somewhat fun to play and not the yawn-inducing affair that it currently is, although obviously Gaijin can’t really be bothered with that.

Yeah, Unfortunately, until they actually balance helis in someway, a Heli PvP mode is probably not gunna work, at least not in an RB setting. I think it could work in an EC (either RB or SB controls) with far far larger map sizes. But Ideally I think it would need to be an SB EC gamemode, or even adding helis as an option to Air Sim.

But yeah, even just some major TLC for the PvE gamemode would do. Nothing explicitly wrong with helis vs ai target, but its just woefully lacking and things like the convoys are buggy as hell.

Also quite funny they’re pitting low tier helis against Gepard bots that you can’t even outrange. Certainly doesn’t help the case.

I also think SB EC could work, will certainly be interesting to see if Gaijin ever implements that. Would basically be Heli PvE/PvP hybrid with the additional challenge of player controlled planes.


Just wanted to try it out in my new AH-1E with a 20mm and mighty mouse rockets, you get matched up with Ka-50s, AHS and a Rooivalk… absolutely useless gamedevs.

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Same reason why my AH-1F is gathering dust

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Mind boggling levels of either incompetence or the complete disregard and interest in the game … I cannot think of many developers that disappoint as often, as consistently as Gaijin does.


Bring back heli PvP in close-range maps. Leave large EC-styled maps like Vietnam to top-tier helis with 8-10km ranges, with small ones like City to 9.0-9.7

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I know gaijin dont really care, but I still hope for the best.

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I dont like heli pvp, but it will be nice to have another option. I think all heli pve maps are the same size.


I’m really not sure why the Bo105s are in the higher bracket for PvE

The Mi-24A and D are in the lower bracket, the Bo105s would easily fit.

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The income of the helicopter PVE should increase, 1000 points in half an hour should be 1W+, and 1 hour and 2000 points should be 2W+. Now the income is really pitiful.

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I forgot to mention that heli-pve should also limit the number of players in every match, too many players scramble for score is toxic. The max number should be 6~8.

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I recently got the BO 105 PAH-1, needless to say it’s equally if not more painful. At least with the 1E you can try and beeline for the bases (Rolands won’t fuse at 25m altitude or lower.) With the PAH-1 having only HOT-1s, you’re shit outta luck unless you plan on spending dozens of minutes hovering on a single base between missile reloads (presuming you’re able to clear the Rolands of course.)

Either that or just increase the amount and frequency of targets spawning, and in wider areas. That way you wouldn’t have to compete with like 8 other players, all converging on a single convoy or frontline.

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Rolands won’t fuse at 25m altitude or lower

That’s good to know since they wrecked me instantly when I tried as I could not get to any target before everyone else did.

With the PAH-1 having only HOT-1s, you’re shit outta luck unless you plan on spending dozens of minutes hovering on a single base between missile reloads

It’s how I spent hours on the Z-11, which only gets 2 missiles and the range is only 3km so the AA would shoot you.

It’s just a stupid mode with absolutely horrendous rewards, but they won’t fix it as they’ve just dumped the RP requirements on ground and called it a day in their infinite laziness, but you still can’t get modules.


To be fair you’d have to be going rather fast to pull it off, the trick is to try and get within 500m of them ASAP, dodging from side to side. After that you’re basically free, the Rolands will stop engaging. I did try this with the BO 105 the other day, and while it is mighty good at weaving from side to side, I wasn’t able to conserve speed long enough to get within range and I got slapped out of the air. I think the AH-1E should have enough top speed, although I haven’t tried it myself.

Played that thing once and never again, so yeah. Not as horrendous as the AB-205 and UH-1B Hiyodori in terms of PvE effectiveness, but still uncompetitive. The thought of having to grind that at all makes my skin crawl, which spirals back to the whole “not having a half-decent way to grind helicopters by actually playing helicopters” thing.

The Hiyodori can at least use terrain to its advantage and/or take bases with their (currently bugged) AA, and if you can aim with rockets you’re good to go.

The AH-1E and S get stuck up against Rolands with 8km range and exclusively Gepards in terms of gun SPAA, with a stock armament of less mighty mouses than the Hiyodori gets and an ATGM with less than half the Roland’s range…

Not just that, but it gets matched up alongside comparatively horrendously overpowered helis like the KA-50 and -52, meaning sometimes it’ll barely be able to do anything…