Impossible to play

Since a few days it’s impossible for me to play the game om my iMac from 2020.

First I received messages about critical errors and now I receive the following message “ can’t be opened because the app might be damaged or incomplete”

I removed the game and app and tried to re-install but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions??

It is a mistake with the previous update and is quite annoying, but if you follow the steps in the video you can start the session.
Unfortunately you can not put video in this forum to explain, and do not know how to put image here. This new forum is very confusing if you tell me how to place I can help you or send you private and send you the video.

At least the method I do works for me.

When you reply on the forum, at the top of the box where you type, there is a button called “Add an image”. As for a video you can either use “Hyperlink” or just paste the link.

Example of using Hyperlink:
War Thunder Latest Major Update

Also this is in the wrong section of the forum so it may get moved.

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I hope that this time you can see the video. They follow the steps indicated, when it throws error it takes time to load the game.

There was a section in the previous Mac forum now they deleted it