Impossible to play the game

I’ve been playing for several days and all my games have been disastrous. I find allies who seem more cute than human, and honestly, they make me doubt. I’m exhausted from constantly losing, no matter what game I’m facing. Whether it’s tanks, planes, or ships, I always end up with a team of mediocre players who do nothing but annoy, crash, interfere with my shots, and even kill me. This situation has me completely frustrated. The game’s matchmaking system is so poor that at times it makes me feel like I’m playing with a group of five-year-olds. How is it possible that I always end up on the worst team? “I need to understand what is happening, because constantly feeling defeated is like being sprayed by a flying elephant.”

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That sounds like the typical War Thunder Experience TBH. With 44K games you should know the burnout feelings, and that you know to take a break, touch grass, etc.

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Feels like that’s rather dismissive seeing as my first match today I had someone fly into my antiaircraft fire and cost me a TK…

I too though was surprised at the 40k battles to get to this stage though, compared to getting better and using more balanced lineups.

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Maybe the problem is you are a good player or above average and find many casual players who don’t play serious. And also sounds like perception bias because the matchmaking is random, so you gonna get the chance to team up with more good players in one team and more bad/casual players in your next match, you will be unlucky if you find me in your team and I’m spading my LAV-AD or anything with stock HEATFS.

Imho currently you just see the effects of running BP and other grinding events in parallel - so the majority of players turn their brain off and go for mission score / BP tasks - whatever it takes.

Reckless and tunnel visioned players acting like this are the main reason why such events exist - it accelerates matches and satisfy the new player generation looking for instant kills / action.

As i play exclusively Air RB with props i notice the increase of stupidity every event. Either you reduce playing or focus on specific vehicles.

To get out of your downward spiral of losing matches:

I saw u have the BP B7A2 Homare 23. Select 10 x 60 kg (9 kills every base - even in full uptier) and climb with 250-270 kmph IAS to a base, drop and kill guys trying to intercept you - 78% WR according to thunderskill. So at least in theory an easy way to get victories.

Events & MM - search MM thread.

As a final recommendation: Try to play less during events.

Have a good one!